I know you have many choices for live events, and that for most folks it’s a big decision to clear the calendar, make travel
arrangements, take time away, invest the money, etc.

Having been to many live events over the last 15+ years, I can share from experience what sets Simplify & Amplify apart:

  1. intimacy – just you, me and 29 other lovely, supportive, positive, like-minded creative spirits in the room
  2. 100% content – because I’m still the how-to gal
  3. all-Alicia – no other speakers, no pitch-fest; I promise you won’t get sick of me though 😉
  4. tailored to the attendees – I ask you specifically what you most need from me during the retreat well before you even arrive
  5. connections and conversations before the retreat – to help you make the absolute most out of our in-person time together
  6. Business Ascension Models – you get to pick and customize the right business model for you with my help
  7. deep-level connections with me and your fellow attendees – attendees become fast friends and they are like family to me
  8. actual work done while you’re at the event – that’s why you’re there
  9. actual coaching given at the event – that’s why I’m there
  10. no high-pressure hyped-up NLP sales pitch – that’s just not my style, never had been, never will be

A few other fun things that make S&A unique:

  • A plethora of food choices and time to enjoy them – no matter what your desired diet is!
  • Portsmouth – a walking city of shops, restaurants, on the ocean – attendees even walk to Maine to get a lobster roll at Warrens!
  • A large, airy meeting space with huge windows and lots of natural light
  • I’m getting wind of a local hike being organized on the day after the event 😉

So what do you think? Is Simplify & Amplify the live retreat you’ve been searching for but have yet to experience?

I’d really love to have you join us…

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