It’s easy when it’s flowing, right?

When your cash flow is stable and predictable, when your expenses are covered and there’s money to spare, when you’re planning vacations or home remodels or other ‘up-lifts’ to your life.

That’s when it’s easy to pay attention to your money.

It’s when you’re struggling month-to-month, when your program isn’t filling, when your offer falls flat, when you start scrambling to make the next offer because, well, you need the money – that’s when it seems easier to not actually look at your bank balance.

But here’s what I know (and you probably do too):

If you don’t pay attention to your money, it will demand your attention – and usually not in a good way!

I’ve made huge strides with my money mindset over the last 15 years – from huge credit card debt, defaulting on student loans, owing back taxes, and a credit score so low, FICO wouldn’t even give me a number, to personally debt-free, student loans paid off, taxes in good standing, a very good credit score that allowed me to co-sign on our mortage and buy my Jeep (two things I could not do the last time we bought a house and I needed to buy a new car).

None of that happened overnight, of course, but the more I paid attention to my money and the more I cleaned up my money mess, the more it flowed – and the easier it came too.

I’ll be talking about money throughout our retreat this fall. We’re going to work on not just identifying the big boulder(s) that are impeding the flow of money to you, but I’m also going to share with you what I do that increases the flow every single time it starts to slow down.

And it’s not just one thing, and it’s not just intellectual concepts – these are real things I do that I’ll be teaching you as well. They’re simple but powerful ways to increase the actual flow of real money into your business and life.

Oh, and if you register early enough, we’ll be playing with some of these in our private Facebook group before the event too. 😉

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~ A

PS: Know you need to clean up your money mindset/mess? It’s overwhelming when we don’t even know where to start. But I’ve got you covered…

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