The Secret

I’m sure you’ve heard about "The Secret" by now… (for more, go to I’ve been applying the Secret to my own life for a long time, but not truly consciously – that’s all going to change now… 🙂

I had seen pieces of the DVD before and interviews of the ‘stars’ on Oprah, etc., but as I watched the whole program last week, I was stunned to hear so many things that Tony Robbins has been teaching f-o-r-e-v-e-r (I bought my first Tony Robbin’s program when I was 19, so I know) woven throughout the program.
But what was REALLY interesting to me is that I KNOW all this stuff and I BELIEVE it, so unconsciously I’ve been living it – but now – holy cow – watch out world because I’m going to start being super-conscious of implementing it into my own life. I’ll keep you posted on what happens!

Getting Started Online the Easy Way

On two different teleseminars this week, the same question was asked:

"Where do I start? With an ezine, a website, a blog, or what?"

The answer is – it depends. It depends on where you are at in your business building efforts. But after hearing this question asked often enough, I think there’s something else going on ~ a request for a simple way to understand how all the pieces fit together. So, here goes:

First, you want to have a clearly defined target market, and be offering solutions to the problems that market wants solved. Then follow the steps below to leverage your time in reaching them with your offers.


Playing in the snow…

Chloe and I finally got a chance to play in the snow for a bit, and even though she had a bit of a tough time managing in the snowsuit when trying to build a snowman, she seemed to really love sledding down the little hill in our backyard… 🙂

Bundledupsmile Sleddingsmile

Snowmanandchloe Snowman3