Mastering Leverage in Your Business – FAQ

We’re gearing up to start my brand-new Mastering Leverage in Your Business virtual training and online coaching course on April 1, and we’ve been getting some great questions about it that I thought you might have too…

Q: When are the classes and are they recorded?

A: The 8 modules are all pre-recorded and will be released every Monday during the course for you to listen to at your convenience. All the modules + materials will be downloadable for you to access in the way that is most useful to you.

Q: How will I get my questions answered/get support from you, Alicia?

A: The course includes a private Facebook group where you can post your questions and requests for support 24/7 and I will personally answer each one. You’ll also benefit from the wisdom and experience of the other participants in the course – we have an amazing group of entrepreneurs already on-board.

Q: Alicia, I’m new/seasoned in business – will this course be useful to me?

A: Yes! I teach in layers, so with each module I will give you the strategies to implement that are specific to where you are in your business-building path. For example, if you’re new, I’ll give you the strategies you should have in place first. Then once those are working for you, you can move on to adding the next strategies of the next layer, etc. If you’re more seasoned, you’ll make sure you have the first layer in place and then be able to add the strategies that are specific to your more advanced goals.

Q: Will implementing strategies from your course need to wait until the 8 weeks are complete, or will we have things we can work on right away?

You’ll be able to start implementing the strategies right away. Each week, we’ll cover one module on a specific pillar of your business (content, social media, website, etc.) and you’ll be encouraged to implement those strategies before the next module is released. So each week you’ll be taking action and moving forward.

Q: Will this course require me (or encourage me) to hire a bunch of outside resources to make the strategies work?

Not unless you want to. Everything in the program is do-it-yourself. And it’s everything I’ve done too – so I can personally answer any questions you have about doing it yourself.

Q: I know the course is just $197- but is there a payment plan option that would be easier for my cash flow?

A: Yes! Just choose the 2-pay option at checkout to join us for $99- today and then $99- in 30 days.

Q: Can I pay via PayPal?

A: Yes! Just send the $197- registration fee to and then send us an email at letting us know (PayPal notifications don’t always make it to us!)

Q: What can we expect as an end result of the 8 weeks if we participate actively in the course, implement the strategies, and take your advice?

This course will ensure that you’re using leverage in every aspect of your business so you’ll never have to worry that you’re leaving money on the table, missing fruitful opportunities, or feel scattered and ineffective as a business owner anymore. If you implement the strategies, your business will grow more efficiently and quickly, you will create more consistent income with a lot less effort, and you’ll enjoy financial peace of mind.

Sound good?

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And don’t forget, if you register by this Sunday, March 29 (my birthday ;-)), I’ll send you a complimentary signed copy of my book: 6 Simple Steps to 6 Figures – How to Create a Lifestyle Business Based on Your Passion for Serving Others as a thank you. 🙂

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Hope you’ll join us!


PS: Do you have any questions about the course that I didn’t answer here?

All questions – specific or vague – are welcomed and encouraged. Just comment below or email and I’m happy to personally respond to them.

Remember to register by March 29 so I can send you my book!