Give ’em a Taste (and they’ll likely come back for more)

When you visit an ice cream shop, you can usually get a free taste of any flavor ice cream you want before you make your decision on which scoop you’re going to enjoy.

Giving you a taste (or as many tastes of different flavors as you’d like) is an effective way to ensure that you not only order a cone at that moment, but it’s also a way to bring you back to try more flavors on another day. You can use this brilliant marketing strategy in building your business as well.

This is a critical step for building your business online. Marketing 101 says that a prospect needs to see your message anywhere from 5-12 times before they will feel confident enough to risk handing over their money to you. You want to give your prospects a taste of what it is that you offer in exchange for their email address, so you can start to build a relationship with them. Without that relationship, you don’t have a business.


Strategic Business Planning Day Virtual Retreat 2015

Happy December!

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~ A

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