It’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday today ~ and other than that special fact ;-), it’s also a day of a rare event Eclipse~ a total solar eclipse.

NASA’s website says, "A total solar eclipse is very rare because all parts of this puzzle must line up correctly in order for it to occur." 

And Wikipedia says, "A total solar eclipse is considered by many to be the most spectacular natural phenomenon that one can observe."

I watched the replay of it from Turkey, and it was beautiful. They said in 2017, there will be another total eclipse that we will be able to view here in the US. I was thinking that Chloe will be 12 then and will likely be watching it either with her classmates or us (depending on day and time).

If you’d like to see it,

I liked what NASA said, though, about all the pieces of the puzzle having to line up just right for an eclipse to occur. I’ve been feeling that way about my business, particularly over the past year, that all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together easily now. It took awhile for me to connect the outside edges, but as I stay focused and take consistent action, my momentum is such now that the middle is being filled in very quickly. It’s so amazing.

Anyway, I have a thing about birthdays. I don’t think anyone should have to work on the one day a year that’s uniquely special to them (always thought that should be a rule – that no matter who you were or what you did for a living, if it was your b’day, you were expected to take the day off and enjoy yourself!).

So, even though I love what I do so much that it hardly ever feels like work, I am going to take this day to enjoy it…ok, I’m going to do two tiny work-related things, but then the whole day is MINE… πŸ™‚

So, cheers to me!
~ A


We’re just back from a lovely vacation in Aruba – ah, sun, sand, salt water, salt on my margarita… πŸ™‚ It was wonderful and a much needed family-focus time, away from our computers.

Chloe had so much fun playing in the sand, and she loved swimming in the sea and the pools, too – and we just had a blast with her. I think my favorite part of each day was walking the beach at sunset each night after dinner ~ just the three of us.

I also took some time to revise my Vivid Vision for my business and well as put together a personal development plan for the next year (which I do around my birthday each year – which is next week!). I first started doing this regularly while in my MBA program, and then made it part of an annual retreat at the urging of my mentor coach, Chris Barrow. Two years ago, I filled a pad of paper while on the beach at Grace Bay in the Turks & Caicos; last year, I spent time at the lake doing the same; and this year, I "imagineered" on our balcony overlooking the Carribean Sea in Aruba while Chloe slept.

I am most definitely rejuvenated and recharged, and after having envisioned so clearly where my life, business-wise and otherwise, is headed, I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come. Here are some photos of our trip – click on the photo link of Chloe in the right-hand column for more…      



Earlier this week, I led a Google Adwords teleseminar and it was great! It was a basic class, explaining what Adwords is and why it’s such a powerful tool for the small business owner. Then I walked the participants through setting up their own campaigns, and one of them actually did it while we were on the call, which was pretty cool.

This was a test for me, too – to see if this was something I wanted to offer, and I have decided that I most definitely do! So I’m now at work putting together a full-blown teleseminar series, beginning in April. I’ll keep you posted on details!

~ A

The first signs of spring

So, not only was last Friday beautiful, but Saturday was too, so we spent a couple of lovely hours in the afternoon soaking up some sun at CAVU (aviator speak for "ceiling and visibility unlimited"), this great little restaurant at the tiny airport near us.

Chloe was not a fan of the hat, but give her a minute and she pretty much settles into anything, sweet thing… πŸ™‚ And yes, that’s her daddy guzzling a Guinness behind her… πŸ™‚ (click on the pictures to see them bigger)

Plane Planetakingoff HatethehatGoodcavu

Life is good…

Ok, not for nothing…. but it’s Friday and mid-60’s here in NY (which feels REALLY warm)Sweeneys
and James happened to take today off to help me do some stuff. It was such a nice day that we decided to take advantage and go for a walk with Chloe… which led to us to our little Irish pub a few blocks away (and a tall Polaner), where we bumped into a good friend who we haven’t seen for awhile (who’s somewhat of a constant fixture at the pub) who then introduced us to some other friends of his, and well… it’s so good to get out and remember that it’s actually fun living in this tiny little village that we do! And it reminded me how absolutely wonderful it is to run a business that gives me (and us) the freedom to do this kind of thing, whenever we want… it’s priceless, really.

cheers (literally :)),
~ A