What happens to your business when Life Interrupts?

It’s been a crazy fall – with my 3-day event, launching my coaching programs, private retreats with clients, my parents moving in down the street, the kids’ general busy-ness, and now it seems sick days have begun…and now that the holidays are in full swing, it’s been throwing me off my game with my business.

(see, it happens to all of us…)

If you’re feeling this craziness too, I want to help…

One of the lessons I learned early on in building my business was that WHEN (not if) Life demanded more of my attention and energy, the only way I was going to be able to give itmyleverageresults without stress was if my business could chug along without me.

I’ve been practicing and perfecting this art of LEVERAGE for 12+ years now…
(see my Top 5 Results –>)

…so that when I have those days or even weeks (and of course when I’m off for the summer), my business still grows steadily without me.

I’ve been teaching my clients how to leverage in their business with amazing results – and now I’m going to teach you how to do the same in my Open MBA Course: Mastering Leverage in Your Business.

Join the Mastering Leverage course if you want the peace of mind to be able to step away from your business when you need to without worry.

Because when I say that I will teach you how to “work less and make more”, I actually mean it – and I can back it up. 😉

And don’t wait – because for 3 days only, I’m saying ‘thanks for being in my world’ with a savings of $150 off this 9-module virtual training course.

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7 Ways Attending Live Events Can Boost Your Business

Are you the kind of business owner who tends to hide behind your computer screen?

You network online through virtual groups, but you’re hesitant to leave the comfort of your home office to actually meet others in person?


Whether you’re a natural introvert or extrovert, attending live events and meeting peers and colleagues in person can make a dramatic difference in the success of your business. If you’ve been the lone wolf type, it’s time to get out and start gathering with your pack.


When I was in the public relations/higher education field, I attended dozens of conferences, but when I started my consulting practice, money was tight and it took me a few years to get back out on the circuit.


The first event I attended in my capacity as a consultant/coach changed my business and my life. I hesitated about attending because it was a lot of money to invest back then and I was going to be starting over in a way in a new industry, which were both risks for me at the time.


Was it worth it? Let’s just say that I still have the card from the Irish pub my husband and I went to the final evening of the event where we figured out how I was going to make this business work. It really is when everything changed.


Not only did I learn a ton of great stuff, I met some amazing people who have become colleagues, joint venture partners and even friends. And I truly believe that what you put out is what you get back, and by attending this event, I was sending the message that I was ready to start playing big.


One of the best investments you can make in your business is in your continuous learning, by attending events, as well as investing in high-quality education products and programs. Part of my own marketing budget is dedicated solely to my learning (and believe me, it’s hard to keep the lid on it!).

So, are you thinking maybe you’ll take the risk and attend a live event in your industry?


Here are some specific reasons why you should:


1. Dedicated time and focus on the event topic


I bet you have at least a few books, CDs, home study courses, etc. that you’ve probably listened to or read, but that you haven’t actually applied. I know I do. And I also know that when I get out of my office and dedicate time and focus to one thing, I make some big breakthroughs.


2. Sharing space with like-minded individuals


Nothing inspires me more than being around others who are as passionate about what we do as I am. Collaborations come naturally and we easily share ideas and resources. Taking the time to share space with these folks helps keep me motivated and excited about moving forward.


3. More high-quality connections


Not only do I end up with a ton of business cards, but there’s also a handful of strategic partnership opportunities, as well as new ezine subscribers and new customers of my products. And by attending an event comprised of others in my industry, the quality of the connections I’m making is much higher for my business building than attending something like a local chamber event.


4. Discounts on materials to increase your learning


Typically the speakers of these events will offer special discounts to attendees on their products and programs. And if the event has vendor booths, the same usually applies. Events are a great place to “shop” for the next tool that will help boost your business.


5. It’s guaranteed and tax-deductible


I think this is something most small business owners forget. They just look at the price tag of the event, and then shy away. But remember, whatever you put out as an investment in your business is tax-deductible. Be sure to check with your accountant for details, but stop to think about how much you could increase your bottom line by attending the event, instead of how much it costs.

Besides, most reputable events offer a money-back guarantee, so if you really felt it wasn’t worthwhile, you can always ask for a refund.


6. Meet the experts


Most of the time, the speakers at the events are accessible, so don’t be shy and go on up and introduce yourself. You may not have another chance and you never know where that connection may lead!


7. Enjoy yourself outside of the event


Don’t forget that you can take in the place where the event is being held. Do a little research ahead of time and plan at least some time away from the event to enjoy wherever it is you’re visiting, even if it’s in your home state.


Once you’re home and recovered from being out and about at the event, you’ll be both excited and recharged to jump in with all your new knowledge and connections!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – please share them in the comments below…

Give a Professional Polish to Your Website

If you want to be taken seriously online, then your website must have a professional look and feel.

A professional-looking website will lend you credibility and legitimacy, and it will make your visitor feel more confident in you, your products and your services.

Whether or not you have a designer or you go the DIY route, you want to make sure that you add the following to make your website reflect the professionalism of your business.

1. Have a dedicated domain for your website and your email.

First and foremost, have a domain name that reflects the name of your business. For example, if your company is “Your Life, Only Better” but that’s taken, you will avoid any conflicts down the road if you rework your business name now.

With registering a domain comes a dedicated email address that you can set up to work with your current email software, such as Outl Nothing looks less professional than a Yahoo or Hotmail email address as your business email.

2. Have a really good logo.

This is important because it helps increase your credibility and makes you seem more real in the online world. It will also make you feel more legitimate to have a tangible object attached to your business.

LogoYes is a do-it-yourself site and it’s cheap. If you can spend a little more, hire a designer to create it for you. If you’re new in business, don’t spend a ton of money here, though, as it’s likely you’ll go through some transitions before settling on a design and message that feels uniquely you.

3. Make your contact info prominent, and include a physical location.

People want to know that they can contact you if they need to, and they don’t want to have to search for this information, so don’t hide it. Include your email, phone number and physical location at the bottom of every page.

By law, any email marketing you do (ezines or other broadcasts) must have a physical address displayed within it. Don’t use your home address. Rent a mailbox from your local USPS or UPS store instead.

4. KISS – Keep It Simply Sophisticated.

By this I mean, keep your site clean and elegant. No flashing things, no annoying animated graphics, please. Give people the information they came for with simple navigation and easy to read text.

5. Have an opt-in form for your freebie offering.

You must capture people when they visit your site if you want to be able to SHOW them (through your ezine or other freebie offering) that you are a professional and that you do know what you’re doing. Nothing will make your visitors come to know you faster and learn to like and trust you than your continuing to “speak” to them.



Wake-Up Messages & Early Morning Insights

Almost every morning, I wake up with a phrase or a song in my head. It’s the first thing I notice, and I try to pay attention to it and really take the message to heart.

This morning, I woke to the distinct voice of Olympia Dukakis as Clairee in Steel Magnolias saying in her southern accent…

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

Sometimes it’s just being reminded to have faith that all will be well, that things are always working out for our best and highest good, even if we can’t see that in the present moment.

Some days that’s easier than others, for sure. Yet this morning, I’m taking those words to heart – and keeping the faith strong.

Your turn: Share in the comments if this resonates with you too.



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3 Easy Steps to Marketing Your Business to Success

Hey there…

Do you often find it difficult to make time for your marketing activities? Or do you find that when you do market, it’s not consistent enough to bring you the results you want?

Marketing your business is as important as what it is that you do. If you embrace that, you will stop struggling and reach a whole other level of success.

Before my business evolved into what it is now, I was trading my time for money. As a webmistress, I charged by the hour. As a writer/editor, I charged by the hour. As a public relations and marketing consultant, I charged by the hour.

Do you see the problem here? 😉

There are only so many hours in the day, right? And if I wanted to pay the rent, I needed the majority of them to be billable hours, which left little to no time for marketing. As you can imagine, I struggled to get clients.

But I don’t struggle anymore, and here’s why: it’s called leveraged income – multiple streams of leveraged income – that enables me to work with much fewer (but more of my ideal) clients one-on-one, and gives me much more time for marketing and growing my business with a lot less effort.

Here are 3 steps to implementing this model into your business:

1. Use the funnel method of marketing.

I talk about this constantly, but it’s such a powerful model (that actually works) that I want as many people as possible to embrace it. If you set your business up within this system, it will automatically do your marketing for you. And it’s the best kind of marketing – the “set it and forget it” kind!

2. Stop trading time for money…

…and start creating products that will bring you leveraged income. You can create products from knowledge you already have, in a way that is easy to package and deliver, such as an ebook. Taking your expertise and packaging it actually allows you to help more people than you ever could one-on-one, and it lets those prospects who might not be able to afford your one-on-one fees an option of still working with you, just in a different format.

3. Raise your fees.

Once you start offering products and start bringing in leveraged income, raise your one-on-one fees.

Now don’t gasp! 🙂

What will raising your fees do? It will allow you to gracefully let go of some of those less than ideal clients and let you work with more of those whom you are best suited to serve. The increase in fees will, at the very least, offset the loss of revenue from the clients that have dropped off, but ultimately you will bring in more revenue by taking your business to a higher level of quality and commitment. It will also give you more time to create more products.

Structure your business around this model and you will enjoy working with more of your ideal clients and customers, create more income by way of packaging your knowledge into products, and give yourself more time to spend building your business to the highest vision of it you can imagine.

Your Turn: I’d love your thoughts on how to best implement this model in your business – please share in the comments below.