I was telling a friend…

Happy President’s DayPresidents-Day-2014!

The kids are off from school today, so while they enjoy their allotted screen time this morning, I’m taking a moment to share something with you I was telling a friend over the weekend…

She’s a fairly new friend, so we’re still getting to know each other. She was asking about my business (she and her husband own a very successful company in the IT industry) and as I was telling her about taking time off when the kids are off from school, she reminded me how remarkable that is – to own and run a successful solo business that enables me to take an incredible amount of time off.

That’s just one big benefit hosting my own small live event has given me… to be able to be with my kids when they’re off from school, whether it’s a long weekend like this one, or 13 weeks this coming summer.

And that is priceless to me.

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I’ve been there…

In 2009, I started thinking about the hosting my own live event, but even though I had a great coach to help me plan it, her events were far larger and much more involved than anything I wanted to do…

And so I held back.

Then I started feeling pressured to move forward with this idea, so I contacted a nice hotel near the airport, submitted my request to host a 3-day event there, and then nearly passed out when the 15-page contract arrived – along with a required MINIMUM commitment of $15k from me.


So I decided to toss the whole idea until I could come up with a way to do it that felt good to me – and that didn’t make my heart palpitate in fear!

I asked myself what kind of event I really wanted to do. Not what ‘everyone’ else was doing, but what felt easy, fun, and much more me…

What I came up with was this…

I didn’t want to hold it at the airport. I didn’t want to hold it at a big hotel. I didn’t want to hold it in the big city. I didn’t want to stress about filling seats or worry about paying for rooms that didn’t fill in our room block. I didn’t want to commit to thousands of dollars of food that I knew most of would be wasted. I didn’t want to deal with sound systems and the cost and labor involved. Basically I didn’t want to do anything the way I was ‘supposed’ to.

So I started over – and by asking myself what I REALLY wanted (and following that guidance) – I found myself with a 1-page contract with no financial commitment upfront, with no commitment to paying for empty guest rooms, in a boutique hotel in a hip town near the sea.

Was I still nervous about filling seats? Sure. Did I have lots of questions about all the things I didn’t know? Yup. Was I afraid of what I didn’t know I didn’t know? Absolutely.

But by doing it my way, and starting from where I was realistically, I’ve successfully hosted 6 small workshops and have generated anywhere from $60k to over $100k NET every time.

I’m sharing this with you so you know I’ve been there…and I have a lot of wisdom to share with you as you plan and navigate hosting your own small live event.

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