Solo-E and Me

As you can see from the logo on this blog, I’m a Certified Expert at… there are so many benefits to being one of the Experts, the most recent that I’m very excited to share with you are:

Safwib07_fin_gen_sThe website itself was named a finalist for Website of the Year

And it’s no. 92 in John Crickett’s The Top 100 Business Blogs list. Wow!

We’re in the company of: Seth Godin’s blog, DuctTape Marketing (John Jantsch), Fast Company, Small Biz Trends, and Escape from Cubicle Nation (Pam Slim). Pretty heady company!

If you’re a solo-preneur, Solo-E is the place for you… check it out and tell Terri I sent you!

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Are You Walking Your Talk?

When you're deciding whether or not to hire someone or invest in their product, doesn't the image they project go a long way in making you feel good about parting with your hard-earned cash?

So, for example, if you're looking for a nutritionist, it's unlikely that you'd hire the one who offers donuts in her waiting room, right? 🙂

Well, the same is true when YOUR potential client or customer is making the decision whether or not to invest in you or your offerings. If you have an image that is congruent with your claim, you've made it much easier for your prospect to say yes to you.

And living your message makes everything about building your business with integrity and authenticity that much easier – and more fun – too!

Here's an example from my own client files: I was working with a life coach who came to me because she wasn't getting ANY clients and was about to give up her business dream and go back to working for someone else. Once we took a look at what was going on in her business, it was clear to me what the issues were.

She was trying to position herself as someone who could help others reach their dreams, whatever they were. The problem was she hadn't achieved her own dream of a successful life coaching business, which was the one that was the most important for her to reach to get new clients!


Tax Saving Tips for your business

I don’t know about you, but I start thinking about tax season right about this time of year, mainly because I want to make certain that I save as much on my taxes as possible, and I know if I leave it to the last minute, I might not be taking advantage of all the deductions alloted to me as a small business owner with a home office.

Luckily, my Coaching Cafe member, Kristine McKinley, who is a professional CPA and Certified Financial Planner®, is offering a Free Teleminar this Friday, where she will share with you what you need to know and do now to save big when it comes time to file your taxes in just a few months.

Sign up now and mark your calendar for this free class that could seriously make a big difference for you come April 15th!


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Pumpkin Picking…

One of our first outings as a family of four was spending a glorious fall morning at one of our local farms, going on a hayride, visiting a petting zoo, picking pumpkins, and finding our way through a hay and corn maze… Chloe looks cute as always – not sure Jack will be too excited with the pumpkin hat when he’s older, though! 😉

Incornmaze4 Incornmaze Inpumpkinpatch Littlepumpkin2 Pettingzoo Littlepumpkin Blueeyesandsky Incornmaze2

Pick a Topic, Pick a Date

Have you been thinking about offering a teleseminar, webinar, or live workshop, because you know that it will increase your list numbers, showcase you as an expert, bring you new clients and customers, and be just plain fun, but you haven't actually moved forward with the idea?

Maybe you have too many topics to choose from and you don't know which one to do first. Maybe you have a general idea of what you want to do, but you haven't actually spent time giving some structure to it. And maybe you're a little afraid of putting yourself out there in such a public way.

So even though you know what a boost holding an event like this would give to your business, still you hesitate actually implementing it.