A blinding flash of the obvious

I have a friend who wants to be a musician, but he doesn’t believe it’s possible. He believes that he’s too old, too ingrained with his current work, too many responsibilities, too short on time, etc.

I listened as he lamented that his dream was dead and refrained from responding for a bit. I knew he wasn’t open to hearing me in that moment.

But a little while later, as the energy cleared around him, I suggested that he had to have faith first. Then he had to do something – anything – towards his dream.

I reminded him of this joke:

A Jewish man goes into the synagogue and prays. “O Lord, you know the mess I’m in, please let me win the lottery.”

The next week, he’s back again, and this time he’s complaining. “O Lord, didn’t you hear my prayer last week? I’ll lose everything I hold dear unless I win the lottery.”

The third week, he comes back to the synagogue, and this time he’s desperate. “O Lord, this is the third time I’ve prayed to you to let me win the lottery! I ask and I plead and still you don’t help me!”

Suddenly a booming voice sounds from heaven. “Benny, Benny, be reasonable. Meet me half way. Buy a lottery ticket!”

There are many versions of this joke, but I like this one because of God telling the man to ‘Meet me half way”.

That’s what we have to do, right? Just take one step forward and the Universe will take one step towards us. Take the first step and the next step will be shown to us. Do one thing in the direction of our dream and the allow God/Universe/Source/Higher Self/Whatever to guide us on the right path.

My friend doesn’t know HOW to make his dream become his reality. I don’t know his HOW either, but I do know that it won’t be shown to him if he doesn’t ‘buy a lottery ticket’.

I told him, “If you want to be a musician, then play music.”

(To be fair, I likewise told myself, “If you want to be an author, then write.” 😉 )

What’s yours? What do you REALLY want to do/be/have?

What’s one thing you can do – just one thing, one step – to move you in that direction?

What’s your lottery ticket?