How to Triple Your Subscriber Rate Using Co-Registration

If you’re currently using an ezine as a way to build your list, and you’re frustrated with the trickle of new subscribers you get each month, then you’ll want to seriously consider using co-registration as a way bump those numbers up significantly. My own co-registration partnerships have TRIPLED my subscriber numbers in a matter of weeks, so I know first-hand that this process works.

I want to make an important distinction here – there’s pay-per-subscriber and then there’s co-registration. What I’m NOT talking about is buying email subscribers, nor do I recommend you do so.

What I am talking about is a collaboration between you and one or more colleagues whose offerings complement yours and where you share subscribers with (usually) no financial cost to either side.

The easiest way to implement this is to trade ‘thank you’ page space with your colleague. A simple referral from you with a brief description of their ezine with a link to your colleague’s sign-up page (and vice versa) is really all you need to start sharing traffic and subscribers.

You can probably think of at least two or three of your colleagues who might be interested in doing this. I’d like to encourage you to make a list of ten, compose a short email with your request, and send them out. You’ll get some ‘no’s’ but you’ll also get some ‘yes’s’. Follow up with those who agreed, add their info to your ‘thanks for subscribing’ page, and you’ll start adding more subscribers to your list right away.

The power of using co-registration to build your list is that you’re increasing your exposure by the number of people who are subscribing to your partner’s ezine. So, the more people you bring on as co-registration partners, the more people who will see your offer and who will sign up for your ezine.

Research shows that you can have an average of 10 partners before registrations begin to fall off. Think about the exposure you’ll get if you partner with just 5 others in your market – you get all their traffic and they get yours – it’s a great win-win.
For that reason, and because this is a ‘set it and forget it’ tactic, this has quickly become one of my favorite marketing strategies. Try it and I’m sure you’ll find the same to be true.

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How to Increase Your Sales BEFORE You Launch Your Product or Service

Want to increase your sales BEFORE you launch your product or service? The following are some of the most effective ways to do just that:

1. Use Social Proof

What is "social proof"? Simply put, we are all conditioned to watch what others are doing and follow along (think teenagers). Using social proof in your marketing helps you to influence your customers to purchase your products/services, get new prospects to sign-up for your list, and get people talking about you and your offering – and that’s just the start.

So, how do you use this psychological trigger in your marketing?

One way is to use results-based testimonials. Ask your current customers or clients to give you results-based testimonials. They literally say, "I used this product and these are the results I got." Having celebrities give these to you is great, but make sure you have testimonials from REAL people. Those are the ones that are really going to cement the idea in your potential buyer’s mind that they can do it, too.


5 Real-Life Lessons in How to Get More Clients

I’m six months pregnant and I did something recently I should have done months ago – I had a prenatal massage. Ahhh….. heaven. I’ve had this ongoing pain in my shoulder (on the side I carry my 2-year-old daughter, go figure) and it hurt to do pretty much everything. But you know, as a mom, you just suck it up and do it anyway.

I finally broke down at my last OB appointment and asked if I could get a massage for the pain. My doctor gave me the thumbs up with the caveat to make sure the person I went to worked with pregnant women.

So, off to Google I went to see what I could find. What happened from there is a true lesson in how to get more clients for your service-based business the easy way – by making it easy for your clients to sign up!