I was 29 and it felt like my world was falling apart.
Not only was I in the middle of a divorce, but I was in my 12th job in 9 years…
I was also delinquent – and ultimately defaulted – on my college loans, I was drowning in debt, and my credit rating was so low that FICO wouldn’t even give me a score.
And those are just the highlights of what was not working at that time in my life…
Yet when we know better, we do better… and it was on an ill-fated trip to Finland for a family wedding (that my parents had to buy my plane ticket for because I couldn’t swing it) when everything became clear to me.
My life was MY responsibility. And whether I succeeded or failed, it would only be due to the decisions I made and the actions I took – or didn’t make or take – going forward.
See, before then, I was doing what I was ‘supposed’ to be doing – getting a ‘good’ job out of college, marrying my college boyfriend, keeping it all status quo. Sure, my finances were screwed up but so were all my friends’… so I just figured I’d bail myself out over time…
And I’m sure I would have – but it gives me pause to think where my life would be today if I hadn’t done something different.
You can guess that I was searching for something – both personally and professionally – that I desperately wanted but didn’t have at that time.
But I knew I had to find it – or stay miserable, in debt, and at best, live an ordinary life.
The pain of that being my reality is what spurred me to make some dramatic decisions, including jumping into entrepreneurship with both feet – and a thudding heart.
That was 16 years ago – and I’ve never looked back.
The thing is, once I made the DECISION to go for it, to take full responsibility for my life circumstances, as they were then and what they would become… all the help, support and resources I needed to make my business successful started showing up. It was as if the floodgates opened and even with the tiniest of sips, things started to flow, little by little, and then with momentum and time, this sea of abundance appeared.
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Until next time…
~ A
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