Is this where you’re at?

I had a email conversation with a potential high-level client several years ago that went something like this…

“Alicia, I have a successful life coaching practice – full client roster, mostly via referrals, steady 6 figures in income, and I want to bring my business online. I’m interested in your Platinum program – can we talk?”

I told her she should consider going through my 21 Easy & Essential Steps to Online Success System™ instead.

My response surprised her. So much so she graciously asked why it seemed she wasn’t qualified for my Platinum program…(because <insert name>, <insert name> and <insert name> had already told her she was for their programs.

I explained it wasn’t that she wasn’t qualified at all. It was that she was already successful offline and she didn’t NEED a $24k Platinum program to bring that success online.

She only needed to implement the 21 Steps (for $297-) to get the foundation of a successful online business in place, and THEN we could talk about Platinum.

Or I could personally lead her through the 21 Steps program for $24k and call it Platinum… Her choice… You can guess which she choose, thanking me for pointing her to just what she needed next (and saving her thousands of dollars too).

I’m so tired of hearing stories from you about spending thousands of dollars BEFORE you want or even need to, just to get those critical underpinnings in place.

So I want you to have the same choice I gave to her – and for even less of an investment than that…

I’ve created a month-long LIVE version of the 21 Easy & Essential Steps to Online Success System™ that I’m going to personally lead you through.

If you’re feeling the pull to check it out, I want you to visit the link below right now to get all the details and reserve your seat for $0.

THEN If we reach 30 registrations by April 30, I’ll personally lead you through the entire course for just $97-.

(Why 30? Because that allows me to leverage my time enough in order to be able to offer you this deeply discounted rate.)

The course begins this Thursday, May 1 so don’t wait, ok?

~ A

PS: Whether or not this invitation is for you, please SHARE this super-special offer so I can help 30 more people to create the successful and sustainable online business they ache for… thanks!