3 Tips For Making Space and Opening the Flow For The New Year – Part 2

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately getting ready for the new year – planning, organizing, strategizing, visioning, and more. There are many transitions and transformations on the horizon for me and my business, and much to do to prepare for them, so I’m making space and opening the flow.

In Part 1 of this article, I shared 3 ways you can make space in your business. Now here are 3 more ways I’m opening the flow in my business that you can do too:

1. Escape Email Overwhelm
The number one distraction to moving your business forward by leaps instead of baby steps is email. So here’s my system for handling email overload. If you can practice this 80% of the time, you’ll be way ahead of the game.
a. Delete: scan and delete junk emails first
b. Move: move any emails into an appropriate folder – and create a rule to make that happen automatically
c. Delegate: delegate any emails that should be responded to by someone else
d. Respond: respond to any emails that only YOU can respond toThe goal is to only have emails in your inbox that require action from you!

2. Track your moneyOne of the easiest ways to open the flow of money in your business is to start tracking exactly how much comes in on a daily basis. I give each of my private clients a money tracking sheet that makes it super-simple for them to implement this tip, but you can create your own very easily.

Just create a simple form that lists the days of the month, with your monthly money goal listed as well. Each day fill in the amount of money that came into your business, and don’t forget to include affiliate payments and any other sources of revenue as well.

Just by paying attention to what’s coming in will open the flow to more, and before you know it, all the days of the month will be filled in with a number!

3. Don’t overbook

When putting together your master plan for the new year, make sure you don’t overbook yourself. If you do, you won’t leave space for other opportunities to show up that you likely aren’t aware of yet.

When I completed my own master plan for the new year, it was complete, but not overbooked. There was lots of time off, as well as space for other exciting possibilities to come up.

How are you making space and opening the flow for the new year? Please share your thoughts below…

3 Tips For Making Space and Opening the Flow for the New Year

I’ve been spending time lately getting ready for the new year – planning, organizing, strategizing, visioning, and more. There are many transitions and transformations on the horizon for me and my business, and much to do to prepare for them, so I’m making space and opening the flow.

Here are some of the ways I’m doing this in my business that you can do too:

1. Clean Up Your Business Time

Time is your only non-renewable resource. If you’ve ever experienced days when you don’t know where the time has gone, but you do know you haven’t accomplished much, then you need to take a serious look at just what is eating up those precious minutes.

My coach’s request of you is to track your time for the next two weeks. Like a food diary makes you intensely aware of what you’re eating, a time log will allow you to quickly and easily identify where you’re frittering time away.

Most likely culprits?… Email and TV (yes, I know some of you are ‘watching’ TV while you’re online, and no, that’s not multi-tasking, that’s just pure distraction).

Once you are aware of where your time is going, make a conscious effort to redirect it to more productive – or even more restful – activities. Turn the TV off (or TIVO/DVR whatever it is you must watch and give it your full attention later). And don’t leave your email open all day long! Allot specific time to read and respond to it instead.

You’ll be amazed at how just doing this simple exercise will free up the time you want for more important (and fun!) things. (Be sure to read Part 2 of this article next week where I’ll share more specific and effective tips for handling email overload.)

2. Clean Up Your Business Space

Now is a great time to go through your files – computer and physical – and delete or organize them for moving forward into the new year. I spent several hours going through my physical files recently, shredding lots of documents (I love to purge!), and setting up new files for my new private clients as well as empty files for the ones yet to come. During this process both online and off, I also found a lot of gems I’d forgotten about – pieces of content, systems and processes, tools, resources, audios, and more.

And now that I have a recent visual in my mind of what’s in my files, it’s literally at my fingertips as I move forward in building my business. Energetically and electronically, I can feel how much more open the flow is by doing this.

3. Clean up Your Business Circle

This one can be a bit difficult, but it’s necessary to prune the people you surround yourself with from time to time. It doesn’t mean you have to completely disconnect from them (unless they’re just weighing you down energetically), but do make a conscious choice to spend more time in the company of those who lift you up.

Let me give you a simple example. If you’re on someone’s ezine list just because everyone else is or you feel like you should be, but you either a) don’t read it or b) don’t feel good when you do read it, just unsubscribe and allow the space for something that resonates with you to take its place.

Or maybe you’re part of a mastermind group that you feel you’ve outgrown. Now is the time to graciously bow out. Once you do, you open the space for a new group to form around you that better supports where you are now.

How are you making space and opening the flow for the new year? Leave your comments below…

Holiday Lull: 5 Ways to Use It to Your Advantage

You may be too busy during the holiday season to notice if your business is slowing down a bit, but in case you’re not, there are several things you can do to use this time to your advantage as you head into the new year.

1. Review your website

Take some time to review your website and make any necessary updates by removing old information and freshening up the rest of your copy. If you have a photo of yourself on your site, consider putting up a new one if your current one is out of date.

And here’s a tip for getting more people to sign up for your Free Taste: post a squeeze page over your site AND place your opt-in box in the upper right-hand corner on all your inside pages – this combination has been tested to be the most effective.

2. Update your Ezine or other Free Taste

Review your ezine and any free tastes you have and decide if they could use some updating as well. And here’s another tip: take yourself through your opt-in process to see if it needs any tweaks too.

3. Have a Holiday Sale

If you want to create some cash, consider holding a sale on one, some or all of your products. Everyone’s looking for a break at the holidays, and there most likely are people on your list who have thought about buying one or more of your products or investing in your services, and a discount might just push them to finally doing so.

4. Clean out the clutter

One of the “powers of the Universe” principles I believe in is making space for things to come into my life. So every few months, I get a huge urge to purge (I’m in it now, actually). I go through my desk, filing cabinets, and bookshelves and either toss, give away or organize it. I also make new file folders for the clients yet to come… and it’s always fun to watch them fill up over the next few months.

5. Plan your first offering for the new year and start promoting it now

Decide what your first offering for the new year is going to be and start promoting it in your ezine, discussion lists (when appropriate), social media, and through your other marketing channels. Having something already set up to look forward to will help keep you motivated after the hub-bub of the holidays.

And one more thing – don’t forget to enjoy yourself. As entrepreneurs, sometimes we find it hard to take a break, but do yourself, your loved ones, and your business a favor by taking some time away from your work and truly focusing on the people you love and the blessings in your life.

Which one of these will you implement this holiday season?