Pinterest: 5 Ways to Use It Effectively

Pinterest: 5 Ways to Use It Effectively
by Alicia Forest, MBA
The Business Shifter™

Oh no! ANOTHER social media platform?

Oh yes – and it’s one you might want to take a look at, to see if it makes sense for your particular business. But a caution here – even it does – don’t feel you have to add it to your social media marketing. If you’re already overwhelmed  just keeping up with your current social media efforts, then leave Pinterest be, at least for now.

But if it appeals to you and makes good business sense to add it to your business platform, here are five specific ways you can use it in your marketing efforts:

1. Less Clicks = More Conversions

The less clicks your visitor has to make to get to the information or product they want, the higher your conversion rates. With Pinterest, there are just two clicks from first seeing something of interest to visiting its site of origin. That translates into more leads and more sales.

For example, let’s say you have a book for sale and you pin the image of the cover from the book’s sales page to your board. When one of your followers sees your pin and clicks on it, it will allow them to share it with others immediately. And if they click it again, it will take them to the site where the image was pinned from, in this case, the sales page for your book.

2. Drive tons more traffic to your site

Because Pinterest has such a large following (10 million+ unique views at this writing) it’s a great tool for driving more traffic to your site via the links that are attached to the pins you make to your board. In fact, there are tracking stats that are showing Pinterest is driving more traffic back to websites than Facebook or Google+.

3. Easy for people to share your content

Pinterest makes it super-simple for your followers to share your pins and therefore links back to your site. Because every pin includes a link leading back to the source of the image, this can translate into a lot more inbound links to your website. So the more followers you have, the more those followers share your pins, the more traffic to your site.

4. Gain from user addiction

Some markets have already fallen in love with Pinterest, with more to come as more people become aware of and start utilizing this new social media platform. If your market is a fan of Pinterest, then you need to get onboard and get in front of all that traffic. Just start with one board, pay attention to what your followers are re-pinning (sharing with others) the most, and pin more of that content.

5. Connect it with your other social media sites

Since I’m all about leveraging your time and talent, if you’re going to use Pinterest, then you need to connect it with your other social media platforms to do so. You can connect Pinterest with your Facebook profile (hopefully they will add the ability to connect to your fan page soon). You can also connect your Pinterest account with Twitter so your pins are automatically tweeted. And you can add a “pin it’ button to your website, much like other share buttons, so your visitors can pin for you.