My Favorite Snippets from “Delivering Happiness”

Reading Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness” book was like reading a novel and a business book at the same time. It was so engaging that I read the entire 250+ page paperback in one sitting.

Here are my favorite snippets from the book – enjoy!

  1. Build a brand from the inside out.
  2. Without conscious and deliberate effort, inertia always wins.
  3. Envision, create, and believe in your own universe, and the universe will form around you.
  4. Never outsource your core competency.
  5. Great companies have a greater purpose and bigger vision beyond just making money or being number one in a market.
  6. Celebrate your past and current successes while carefully navigating for the future.
  7. Be as transparent as possible.
  8. A word is a word, a picture is worth a thousand… but a brand is worth a million.
  9. Lifetime value of a client/customer can increase via positive emotional association with your brand.
  10. Build trust and engagement, not buzz.
  11. Problems are just mile markers. Each one passed means you’ve gotten better.
  12. The best leaders are servant-leaders.
  13. Make a plan, work it through to completion.

This is definitely a book you want to have as part of your business-building library. Get your copy here: