When you're deciding whether or not to hire someone or invest in their product, doesn't the image they project go a long way in making you feel good about parting with your hard-earned cash?

So, for example, if you're looking for a nutritionist, it's unlikely that you'd hire the one who offers donuts in her waiting room, right? 🙂

Well, the same is true when YOUR potential client or customer is making the decision whether or not to invest in you or your offerings. If you have an image that is congruent with your claim, you've made it much easier for your prospect to say yes to you.

And living your message makes everything about building your business with integrity and authenticity that much easier – and more fun – too!

Here's an example from my own client files: I was working with a life coach who came to me because she wasn't getting ANY clients and was about to give up her business dream and go back to working for someone else. Once we took a look at what was going on in her business, it was clear to me what the issues were.

She was trying to position herself as someone who could help others reach their dreams, whatever they were. The problem was she hadn't achieved her own dream of a successful life coaching business, which was the one that was the most important for her to reach to get new clients!

And yes, this particular case was a bit of a catch-22. But besides having too broad a niche (everyone has dreams!), her marketing message was too convoluted and inconsistent, her marketing materials were unprofessional – her business cards were printed on her home computer – and she was using a free email account for her business email, a big no-no if you want to be taken seriously as a professional.

Once I explained to her (gently, of course) that it was likely that she wasn't attracting clients because she wasn't walking her talk, she immediately felt a sense of relief. Why? Because THAT was something she could fix. Her greatest worry was that she just wasn't cut out to be the life coach she dreamed of being. Not true!

So, fix it we did. And guess what? She started attracting new clients immediately!

If you sense that this may be an issue for you as well, try to look as objectively as you can at your own image. Or ask a trusted friend, coach or colleague to do so. What's the message you're sending? If you were your potential client, would you work with you? That might be a little tough to answer, but if you're honest and admit it if you're not walking your talk, remember, you can fix that!

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