Ok, not for nothing…. but it’s Friday and mid-60’s here in NY (which feels REALLY warm)Sweeneys
and James happened to take today off to help me do some stuff. It was such a nice day that we decided to take advantage and go for a walk with Chloe… which led to us to our little Irish pub a few blocks away (and a tall Polaner), where we bumped into a good friend who we haven’t seen for awhile (who’s somewhat of a constant fixture at the pub) who then introduced us to some other friends of his, and well… it’s so good to get out and remember that it’s actually fun living in this tiny little village that we do! And it reminded me how absolutely wonderful it is to run a business that gives me (and us) the freedom to do this kind of thing, whenever we want… it’s priceless, really.

cheers (literally :)),
~ A