I’m sure you’ve heard about "The Secret" by now… (for more, go to www.thesecret.tv) I’ve been applying the Secret to my own life for a long time, but not truly consciously – that’s all going to change now… 🙂

I had seen pieces of the DVD before and interviews of the ‘stars’ on Oprah, etc., but as I watched the whole program last week, I was stunned to hear so many things that Tony Robbins has been teaching f-o-r-e-v-e-r (I bought my first Tony Robbin’s program when I was 19, so I know) woven throughout the program.
But what was REALLY interesting to me is that I KNOW all this stuff and I BELIEVE it, so unconsciously I’ve been living it – but now – holy cow – watch out world because I’m going to start being super-conscious of implementing it into my own life. I’ll keep you posted on what happens!