Do you get discouraged or stuck in building your business because you think there’s too many others to compete against in your niche?

A lot of entrepreneurs feel this way, especially when they’re first starting out. I don’t want you to give up before you really get started, so I’d like you to consider thinking about your competition in a different way.

1. There’s an abundance of clients and customers for everyone.

2. Your competitors are potential collaborators and strategic alliances for you.

3. The better you come to know your competitors, the more you will become aware of the uniqueness of your own message and your own offerings.

If you embrace this perspective, you’ll find that those feelings of discouragement and “what’s the point – I can’t compete” will melt away.

1. If you come from the mindset of abundance, you won’t feel discouraged by the competition.

There are more than enough clients and customers for everyone. And if you are building your business online, there is essentially an unlimited audience for your work.

Think about your market for a moment. How many of them do you need to serve to reach whatever your definition of success is? Then think about how many people there are around the globe who are your potential clients or customers. Could you really reach them all, even if you wanted to? 🙂 Of course not.

2. There are several ways that you can collaborate and develop strategic alliances with others in your market.

You could hold a webinar or workshop together. This is particularly helpful if you are new in business and can hook up with someone more seasoned, who already has a ready audience built (an email list). Doing this will also help you gain experience and confidence to hold them on your own.

Or you could offer a free product (a mini e-book, for example) to your strategic alliance’s membership, which is an added benefit to them, while it helps to build your email list.

3. Think about those whom you consider your competitors.

Are you offering similar products and/or services that they are, but to a different target market? Or turn that around: If the market is the same, are you offering different information? Of course you are, because your message, your offerings – and the way you write or speak them – is as unique as you are.

There is a certain segment of the population who can only hear your message from you.

Remember that when you start feeling frustrated, defeated or just plain stuck.

Once you make this shift, you can start seeing your competitors as potential collaborators. You can work together to develop programs, products, or services that will help grow both your businesses. It will also provide added benefits to both your audiences, so it’s a win-win-win!

Do you want to learn how to collaborate and not compete?

If you’ve been around me for awhile, you know that I don’t believe in competition, and since this seems to be a bit of a mind-stretch for many entrepreneurs (and a barrier to reaching the next level in income in their business), I felt it was very important to cover the topic of collaborating with your colleagues – and how to do it with integrity and authenticity – in my brand-new Lively Biz Mastery program.

I can tell you that a major factor in the dramatic increase in my revenues over the years has come from collaborations that I’ve done with people I admire and trust who also serve my market.

Learn how to approach a potential joint venture partner, what to say, how to discuss who does what, how to split the money – every critical factor you need to know in order to come across as a professional and be invited to do more lucrative ventures in the future.

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I’d love to hear about successful collaborations you’ve done already, and/or your comments or thoughts about teaming up with other like-minded colleagues. Feel free to share them here.