Kaseconfidentleader_2_2 Every once in a while, something comes along that "changes the game"…

It’s rare, but it does happen.

Well, one such item recently came across my desk, and I suddenly realized, "Wow this is unprecedented. This is new. This is groundbreaking."

What is it?

It’s a brand new book (and teleseminar series…more on that in a
moment) by my friend and colleague, Dr. Larina Kase, called…

The Confident Leader: How the Most Successful People Go from Effective to Exceptional


The Confident Leader combines cutting-edge research and on-the-ground experience to give you a formula for…

…consistently and reliably breaking through your comfort zone — at will.

Larina has actually "cracked the code" to breaking through your comfort zone, predictably and with scientific precision, and backs that statement up with over 10 years of research (she’s a Doctor of Psychology and served as a clinical faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania).

Countless clients of hers are breaking through to new levels of achievement that they previously considered impossible.

You’ll also find interviews with business leaders such as Seth Godin, Tim Sanders, Joe Vitale, and 7 additionally incredible authors and experts.

She’s also a giver. So today, when you pick up your copy of The Confident Leader, she’ll be giving you access to:

1. An unprecedented LIVE 11-part Confident Leadership Telesummit with world-class experts in business, self-development, and leadership.

2. A selection of exclusive bonus gifts that Larina hand-picked herself from highly qualified and respected experts (definitely not the typical overload of bonuses no single human being could ever actually utilize 🙂

I’m happy to say that I’m one of the bonus contributors. It’s wonderful to participate in promoting such an important and groundbreaking book.

This is truly too remarkable a book (and overall offer) to miss:


You’ll be very, very glad you did (and a better, more confident leader because of it). I know I’ll be implementing Larina’s formula to elevate my status to being an exceptional leader in my market. How about doing the same in yours?