My husband and I (and now Chloe, it seems… 🙂 are big football fans… (my first cocktail after being pregnant and having Chloe was last SuperBowl Sunday – a Sierra Nevada never tasted so good…!), and I think we are both such big fans for two reasons:

1. We simply enjoy the game, and

2. We both use the time while "watching" the game to do other things – mainly to work on our individual projects.

Obviously this has changed a bit with the arrival of Chloe, but she’s pretty good about entertaining herself for a bit now, or hanging out on the floor with one or the other of us while playing with her toys.

I think it just makes us feel that we are doing something together while getting some other stuff done at the same time – a win-win.

I used to hate Sudays (especially when I worked for someone else and had the Sunday Night Dreads), but now they are my favorite day of the week… 🙂

Go Pats! (you can take the girl out of New England… :))