I couldn’t resist snapping this photo when we were in Florida last week…

It made me laugh as well as pause…

I tend to be a quick decision maker. And frankly, I don’t work well with clients who prefer to hang out on the Porch of Indecision, who tend to overthink/analyze things so much that they never really move forward.

In fact, one of the questions on the application to work with me asks what kind of decision-maker you are.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking things through, considering the pros and cons, especially if it’s a really important decision to make.

But rarely are the decisions we need to make to nurture and grow our business so critical that they require that much time or thought to make them.

Just make a choice and know you can (and will) adjust as you go…

It’s not making a decision that keeps you stuck.

So… what’s one thing you need to make a decision on right now?

Decide now.

Then take the next step forward.


Good for you!

Now share with me here so I can congratulate you!