Join acclaimed entrepreneur mentor Alicia Forest for an intimate workshop experience this fall to design or re-design your successful and sustainable business around your life and the things that are the most important to you.

For Alicia, it’s all about Family First. Even before she started a family with her husband James, Alicia knew that she wanted to be home to raise any future children they may have. And she also wanted to build a successful and sustainable business of her own to contribute to the financial wealth and health of her family.

Her first coaching business, Client Abundance, was launched in 2005, the same year she gave birth to her daughter Chloe, followed two years later by the birth of her son, Jackson. In that time, Alicia grew her coaching business to 6 figures while only working 8-15 hours a week and keeping her two small children first.

Today, Alicia enjoys a multiple 6-figure business while still only averaging a 15-hour workweek, taking 14 weeks vacation per year, including 11+ weeks in the summer off, when she, James, Chloe and Jack enjoy their lake home.

This is Alicia’s version of designing a business around your life. What’s yours?

And would you like help in designing it successfully?

That’s what OBBW is all about – and Alicia purposefully limits the number of attendees to a maximum of 50 so she can give personalized attention, coaching, support, and feedback – along with a dose of reality and humor – to every person in the room.

Alicia’s events, programs, and coaching have helped thousands of women (and some men too) create, redesign, or expand their businesses to dramatically increase their incomes – and often while working less than before.

OBBW is a unique event designed for both seasoned and new business owners alike that delivers an exclusive combination of insight, cutting-edge information, and business formulas and models that are tailored to the individual business owners message, market and mission.

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