Would you like to know how I’ve grown my $15k a year coaching practice into a multiple 6-figure business in less than 15 hours a week, while raising two small children?

I’ve done it by making strategic decisions, staying nimble in my market, knowing what’s working, and having the right mindset.

I’ll be sharing exactly how I’ve done it in this free tele+chat event.

When you join me for this event you’ll learn:

~ 3 principles that have been the critical factors in enabling me to create a multiple 6-figure business while only working about 15 hours a week

~ 5 blind spots that may be holding you back from reaching the level of success you truly desire and deserve

~ The only business model that you can customize to your market and message and that has clients pursuing you instead of you chasing them. It’s authentic, easy and works.

~ A simple yet powerful plan that alleviates overwhelm and gives you a clear path that shows you exactly what to focus on that will bring you to profit sooner.

When you join us and follow my 11+ years experience in building a successful and sustainable business online, in your time on your terms, you’ll find that doing so can actually be quite a bit easier – if you let it.

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