It’s a rainy day and a good morning for a bit of reflection over my cup of tea…

I haven’t been in touch much over the last few weeks, as my attention was needed on a pressing family matter. My Dad had some difficult medical issues arise, and I’m glad to say he’s recovering at home now.

I’ve been here before – whether it was my Dad’s health, Chloe’s horrid experience at a new school a few years ago, Jack’s challenges with a huge unexpected shift in his life that same year, or more recently, my own health issues.

The reality is that Life Interrupts.

When that happens, the reality can also mean a business that tanks for many entrepreneurs.
So not only do you have the stress of the situation that’s required your total focus, time, and energy, but you also have the additional stress of worrying about losing business and money – or worse.

If this has happened to you – or is happening now – then I’m glad you’re reading this.

Because this is what I know for sure:

~ You can have a business that honors what’s most important to you, whether that’s family, another career, writing your book, travel, or something else entirely.

~ You can have a business that funds your desired lifestyle, meaning you truly do work less but make more.

~ And you can have a business that’s easy to operate, low stress, and even fun – and it can all happen in less than part-time hours.

I know because I’ve been doing it successfully for over 15 years and I’ve taught thousands of others just like you to do it too.

But I really get now how very much showing other entrepreneurs THIS WAY is part of my purpose.

I’d be honored to show you too.

My brand-new Online Business Breakthrough Live! program is based on my 7xs sold-out 3-day in-person Online Business Breakthrough Workshop.

But instead of traveling to an in-person event, we’ll meet online for this live 6-week virtual course where I’ll walk you through each and every step to creating a business that:

1. honors what’s most important to you.
2. is profitable – whether that means an extra $1k a month or $100k a year
3. operates in less than part-time hours.

I could go on, but I know that if this is speaking to you, you’ll click below to find out more:

~ A

PS: As a special take-action bonus, be one of the first 10 people to register and you’ll receive access to a private mastermind call with me during the program, where you’ll have the opportunity to get customized coaching directly from me about your specific business challenges. You get private client level access for free just for making a quick decision. 😉