As I've been coaching clients lately who are eager to move away from the exhausting 3 or 4 calls a month model of coaching their own clients, but are still working out the details of how to move smoothly over to the platinum-style format I've taught them, there is a nice fill-in option.

It's the virtual VIP Day and it's my new love. 🙂

Not only are VIP days easy to put into place, they also create additional revenue which will give you the financial freedom to decide when you can move more fully into the platinum-style format.

A virtual VIP day is just like being in a private in-person retreat with you, except you meet over the telephone, or via video call – which is my favorite way to do VIP days – where you focus on your client's outcomes.

This format means you don't have to find a location to meet, make travel and lodging arrangements for your client, and it typically is easier to get a VIP day on both your calendars than an in-person meeting.

I’m coaching my Platinum clients on how to offer this super-simple and super-lucrative in^come stream and delighting in the successes they're experiencing already.

Here are my favorite tips for adding VIP days into your business model, quickly and easily:

Tip #1: Plan Your Time

A good time frame for a VIP day is from four to five hours. During that time, you'll be delivering content, coaching, consulting, and giving the client exercises to work through periodically. Plan to take a few short breaks as well, to stretch, use the restroom, or get some nourishment.

Tip #2: Plan Your Content

The beauty of the VIP day is that you can offer a specifically designed program of your own, or let the client tell you the specific outcomes they'd like.

For example, I offer VIP days on the topics of "Creating Your Signature System and Profit Pyramid", "Branding with Archtypes" and "How to Charge What You're Worth and Get it".

Or perhaps your client is intent on completing their marketing and launch calendar during their VIP day, or developing a detailed promo campaign for a specific launch. You can design your VIP day around those outcomes instead.

Just be sure that there is a concrete focus for your VIP day so your clients are sure to walk away delighted – and happy to share their experience with others.

Tip #3: Plan Your Worksheets

I'm a worksheet fanatic, and I've found that my clients appreciate them as well. Include worksheets for each exercise you do with your client during your VIP day, even if it's a simple 1-page document with your branded header at the top and one question for them to answer. This nicely increases the value of their experience.

Tip #4: Plan Your Payments

Knowing that everyone appreciates a payment plan, be sure to offer one for your VIP days. But remember to make certain that your fee is paid in full BEFORE the VIP day to keep the transaction nice and clean for everyone.

So if you want to make the move from the traditional coaching model and are still working on putting your platinum-style program together, adding virtual VIP days are a great way to go in the meantime.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about adding this in^come stream to your current business model. Please leave your comments below.

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