We had Chloe baptized yesterday and it was wonderful. So many of our friends and family came and that meant a lot to James and I. Here she is in her outfit ~ so sweet. Two of my oldest friends, Christine and Mark, agreed to be her godparents and we couldn’t be more thrilledChloe_baptism_2. One of their three daughters, Sarah, asked if she and her sisters could be Chloe’s cousins now.. awwwwww….

It was a wonderful day. The service was so nice, and the party afterwards was just pure joy. Chloe was soooooo good all day, even hours after she missed her afternoon nap. She just smiles and giggles at everyone and goes easily from one person to the next, which is a good thing since she got passed around a lot!

She’s just such a good little girl, we almost can’t believe it. James and I have realized that she’s going to be a tough act to follow!

We are blessed.