Money Magic: Simple Shifts to Open Your Coaching Cash Flow

When I ask you this question:

When it comes to designing a business that funds the lifestyle you want, where do you feel you need the most help?

…the answer you choose the most is this:

I need more money. I’m working way too hard for too little return.

You too?

I’m delighted to share my article that was published in choice, the magazine of professional coaching 

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Strategic Business Planning Day Virtual Retreat 2015

Happy December!

I’m so excited to let you know that registration is now OPEN for this year’s Strategic Business Planning Day Virtual Retreat!

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I hope I get to guide you through creating YOUR profitable (and much more peaceful!) plan for 2016.

~ A

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Mastering Leverage in Your Business – FAQ

We’re gearing up to start my brand-new Mastering Leverage in Your Business virtual training and online coaching course on April 1, and we’ve been getting some great questions about it that I thought you might have too…

Q: When are the classes and are they recorded?

A: The 8 modules are all pre-recorded and will be released every Monday during the course for you to listen to at your convenience. All the modules + materials will be downloadable for you to access in the way that is most useful to you.

Q: How will I get my questions answered/get support from you, Alicia?

A: The course includes a private Facebook group where you can post your questions and requests for support 24/7 and I will personally answer each one. You’ll also benefit from the wisdom and experience of the other participants in the course – we have an amazing group of entrepreneurs already on-board.

Q: Alicia, I’m new/seasoned in business – will this course be useful to me?

A: Yes! I teach in layers, so with each module I will give you the strategies to implement that are specific to where you are in your business-building path. For example, if you’re new, I’ll give you the strategies you should have in place first. Then once those are working for you, you can move on to adding the next strategies of the next layer, etc. If you’re more seasoned, you’ll make sure you have the first layer in place and then be able to add the strategies that are specific to your more advanced goals.

Q: Will implementing strategies from your course need to wait until the 8 weeks are complete, or will we have things we can work on right away?

You’ll be able to start implementing the strategies right away. Each week, we’ll cover one module on a specific pillar of your business (content, social media, website, etc.) and you’ll be encouraged to implement those strategies before the next module is released. So each week you’ll be taking action and moving forward.

Q: Will this course require me (or encourage me) to hire a bunch of outside resources to make the strategies work?

Not unless you want to. Everything in the program is do-it-yourself. And it’s everything I’ve done too – so I can personally answer any questions you have about doing it yourself.

Q: I know the course is just $197- but is there a payment plan option that would be easier for my cash flow?

A: Yes! Just choose the 2-pay option at checkout to join us for $99- today and then $99- in 30 days.

Q: Can I pay via PayPal?

A: Yes! Just send the $197- registration fee to and then send us an email at letting us know (PayPal notifications don’t always make it to us!)

Q: What can we expect as an end result of the 8 weeks if we participate actively in the course, implement the strategies, and take your advice?

This course will ensure that you’re using leverage in every aspect of your business so you’ll never have to worry that you’re leaving money on the table, missing fruitful opportunities, or feel scattered and ineffective as a business owner anymore. If you implement the strategies, your business will grow more efficiently and quickly, you will create more consistent income with a lot less effort, and you’ll enjoy financial peace of mind.

Sound good?

Registration is open here…

And don’t forget, if you register by this Sunday, March 29 (my birthday ;-)), I’ll send you a complimentary signed copy of my book: 6 Simple Steps to 6 Figures – How to Create a Lifestyle Business Based on Your Passion for Serving Others as a thank you. 🙂

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Hope you’ll join us!


PS: Do you have any questions about the course that I didn’t answer here?

All questions – specific or vague – are welcomed and encouraged. Just comment below or email and I’m happy to personally respond to them.

Remember to register by March 29 so I can send you my book!

3 Keys to a Solid Brand for Your Business

Are you like many online business owners who are confused or stuck when it comes to creating a unique, memorable, and authentic brand? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve been there myself, so I understand the frustration of feeling stuck on this whole branding thing.

Where are YOU in your brand?

But once I discovered that if I looked at it from a completely different perspective, that my brand wasn’t just about my business, but about ME, everything shifted.

Creating your brand from the inside out allows you to fully step into your business identity in a truly authentic way. It’s also the easiest way to stand out in the sea of others who do what you do.

So, if you’re stuck, let me give you three things you must be clear on in order to create a truly compelling and unique business brand.

Strategy 1: What results do your clients experience from your service?

One of the exercises I do with my private clients is have them generate a long list of the results their clients get from working with them.

You can easily do this right now. Just complete this sentence 30 times:

“The results my clients get from working with me are ___________________________.”

If you get stuck, here’s my secret: Send this question to your clients so they can tell you the kind of results you’re helping them create!

For example, when I asked my own clients this question, here’s some of what they shared:

“The results I get from working with Alicia are…

– clear, easy to follow instructions on strategic Internet marketing techniques

– insightful advice from a trusted mentor who understands my business

– generous knowledge and expertise, honest feedback and support, focus and direction

– more clarity on which steps to take to experience more alignment with my business/life purpose

– I now see the bigger picture and base my decisions on the ‘whole’ of my business, rather than just the next thing.

– stretching me in ways and areas that I could/would not do on my own.

– more clients, more money and more fun in working with my business.

– getting me out of my comfort zone so that I discover what is possible when I play a bigger game.

– more clarity and awareness around time sucking activities that I am engaging in so that I can STOP doing them.

Strategy 2: What are you an expert at?

Once you have a solid and in-depth grasp of the value you bring to you clients and the results you help create with them, you should easily be able to define what it is you’re an expert at.

Complete this sentence: “I’m an expert at________________________.”

Strategy 3: What does your brand promise?

Let’s take it one step further…

Your brand promise is a statement that is pretty specific. It’s true regardless of the program, product or service you may offer. No matter what the program, product or service, it always fulfills your brand promise.

And just to be clear, I’m not talking about your marketing tagline. What I’m talking about goes much deeper than that, to the very core of what it is that you are so passionate about providing to others.

My brand promise is, “I passionately inspire women entrepreneurs to breakthroughs in their business so they create the life they ache for.”

So, my Mastery of Business Academy mentoring programs, 21 Easy & Essential Steps to Online Success System and companion coaching groups, and the rest of my offerings all fulfill this brand promise.

Here’s one from one of my Online Business Breakthrough clients, Dale Carter at

“I provide trusted information and personal insight to inspire adult children to passionately pursue, for their aging parents, the quality of life their parents hunger for.”

So everything that Dale offers to her specific market fulfills this overarching promise. Dale knows what she is an expert at and that shows up in her brand promise very clearly.

So, what does your brand promise? What is it that your clients can count on you for?

The formula for an effective, compelling, memorable, authentic, fun and fabulous brand is really very simple:

“I get X results for my clients, which makes me an expert at Y, which means they can count on me to provide Z.”


OBBW 2013 – Just 3 Seats Left & FAQ

I hope this finds you well in your world and enjoying your summer… 🙂

We’re having a blast at the lake and I’m so grateful for this business that enables me to enjoy this precious time each year with my family.

We’re just about two months away from my annual Online Business Breakthrough Workshop and we have just 3 seats left.

(Get more details here –>

I’m quite proud of OBBW – of the content I provide in an intimate environment that enables you to take what you learn and put it into a plan of action that you can move forward with as soon as you get home (in fact, some attendees don’t wait – after the first day, they start making changes and additions to their business in their hotels rooms that night!).

And I’m committed to this OBBW being the best one yet (we have many returning attendees (some for the 3rd and 4th times!), so you can ask them at the end if they agree ;-) ).

(and don’t forget my extra-special bonus: each attendee will receive TWO Bonus Tickets* to OBBW 2014. So you’re actually getting two workshops for the price of one – cool, eh?)

And because I know you may be wondering similar things, I’ve answered some of the most common questions below as well… but if you have a different question, just hit reply and let me know – we’ll get right back to you.

I’m sensing that you know if OBBW is right for you – and if it is, well… your seat is waiting.

~ A

PS: The early-bird price is just $497- (and it will be flying away soon). I’ll guess that you’ve invested in an info-product or a teleseminar program that cost at least that much…

The Online Business Breakthrough Workshop is a full 3 day business-building workshop that is 100% content that’s 100% implementable (even if you don’t have one single team member yet) that meets you where you’re at – newbie or seasoned – in your business.

So if you’ve become jaded by events that are mostly rah-rah, tempting you with bits of information but not giving you the done-for-you templates, scripts, flow charts, processes, timelines, calendars and more resources to take you from where you are to where you want to be in your business and your life… you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by your experience at OBBW. That I know for sure.

OBBW Most Common Questions Answered

Q: Will you be offering a simulcast ticket option for OBBW?

A: No, OBBW 2013 will not be offered via simulcast. At the moment, OBBW is an intimate workshop, with no more than 50 attendees. In order to engage fully with the participants in the room, I have purposefully chosen NOT to simulcast the event.

If you want to learn from me on how to design, grow and manage a successful and sustainable business, part-time, and that honors whatever it is that’s MOST important to you, then join me LIVE here.

Q: I’m new in business. Am I going to be overwhelmed by OBBW?

A: Definitely not. Whether you’re a new business owner or have several years under your belt, what I’ll be sharing with you during our 3 days together is applicable and immediately implementable to ALL levels of business owners.

In fact, one of the unique ways I teach is in ‘layers’ – you’ll fully appreciate this at the workshop.

And it’s one of the beauties of hosting a boutique event like this – we’ll be tailoring all of the content together for wherever you are on your business-building path (starting with a Discovery Questionnaire you receive via email before the workshop where I ask all about you and your business, your goals and desires, and what you want and need most from me at OBBW).

Q: I’d like to come, Alicia, but I don’t like traveling or attending events alone. Could I bring someone with me?

A: Sure! All regular ticket holders may Bring-A-Friend (spouse, colleague, friend, client, family member, team member, etc.) for a one-time non-refundable $97- fee.

What that also means is that if you have someone you’d like to split the ticket fee with, you are most welcomed to do that (working the details out amongst yourselves).

For example, if you purchase your seat for $497- (the current ticket price) and add on the Bring-A-Friend option for $97-, the total investment would be $594-. That split between two people would be just $297- each!

Bottom line? At the early bird price of $497- (or even better, the split price of $297- if you split it with someone), you have the unique opportunity to participate in one of the only small business events that is 100% (and immediately actionable) content.

As I write this, we only have 3 seats left for this year’s workshop. With my own bigger picture plan mapped out, I can confidently say that this is the last year I will be hosting this intimate of an event for a full 3 days at this low of an investment.Here’s that link for you to reserve your seat now:

*BONUS TICKET: Everyone who has a reserved seat for – and attends – OBBW 2013 (whether it’s a regular ticket or a bonus ticket (guest, client, friend, scholarship, etc.) will receive 2 BONUS tickets to OBBW 2014. A Bonus ticket is a deeply discounted seat for the workshop and is non-refundable. You won’t have to book those seats until a later date, but we will keep them in reserve for you and be sure you get first dibs on securing them before we open the doors to the public. Super-cool :-)

What’s Your Biggest Challenge with Planning in Your Business?

Hey Alicia, I need your help… 🙂

By popular request, I’m putting together a
‘strategic planning day’ for you to help you
suss out 2013, and I need to know your
biggest questions about it.

If you would take a moment to CLICK HERE
and answer my question…

“What’s your biggest challenge with planning
in your business?”

…I would really appreciate it. 🙂

(And if you do, we’ll put your name in the hat
to win a free spot in this virtual retreat!)

I’ll be answering as many of your questions as
I can on my blog, so be sure to CLICK HERE
to send me your single biggest challenge so I can
help you solve it… 🙂

Thanks so much!

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