Where Are You Missing Leverage in Your Business? (Part 2)

If you’re a woman entrepreneur who’s building a leveraged online business so you can keep your family first, this is for you.

As the same, I’m always looking for ways to tweak (read: leverage) what’s already working in my business to improve my results so I can grow my business more quickly without more effort.

Where in your business could you do the same? Take this mini-assessment to find out.

__ 1. Do you utilize multiple channels to reach your audience?

The more ways you can reach and connect with your audience, the easy it will be to grow your business.

Gone are the days when sending an email invitation will fill your program or sell your product. In today’s ‘attention’ economy, we need to connect with our market in multiple ways, with a focus on deepening that relationship each time.

What channels are you using today to reach your audience, and what channels can you add to that list?

__ 2. Are you re-purposing your content?

There is one question I ask myself before I create a new piece of content and that is:

Can I use this piece of content in a minimum of 3 ways?

If the answer is yes, then I move forward with it. If no, then I haven’t wasted my time and energy on creating something I cannot leverage.

What’s one piece of existing content you can re-purpose today?

__ 3. Do you labor over writing copy?

If you labor over writing copy, you can either hire someone to write it for you (which can be expensive but oftentimes well worth the investment) or you can implement a process to make it a lot easier for you.

First, start with a proven template. You’re going to make it your own – with your own voice and style and tone and story – but always start with a proven sales template.

Then take copy from that to create all your other marketing copy, like your email campaigns and social media promotions.

What parts and pieces of your current copy can you excerpt for other marketing activities?

__ 4. Do you collaborate?

If you want to grow your business more quickly, consider collaborating with other like-minded colleagues who complement what it is you do. Also don’t forget those clients and customers who are your raving fans – they can help you get in front of more people like them!

Who could you collaborate with on your next offer?

__ 5. Do you have a core product that anyone could take advantage of?

I mentioned this in Part 1, but it bears repeating. Do you have a DIY product that everyone in your market could take advantage of?

If not, what simple product could you create that your client could walk themselves through so they get to experience your work in way that doesn’t require a significant investment?

These are just 5 areas to be looking at where you could up the ante on what you already have in place in your business – or what you should have in place to create the success you desire. Spend some time figuring out for yourself where you can apply the above to start seeing better results for less effort.

If you want my help in answering these questions with you, be sure to get on the wait list for the brand-new Lively Biz Business Club that’s opening soon!


I was telling a friend…

Happy President’s DayPresidents-Day-2014!

The kids are off from school today, so while they enjoy their allotted screen time this morning, I’m taking a moment to share something with you I was telling a friend over the weekend…

She’s a fairly new friend, so we’re still getting to know each other. She was asking about my business (she and her husband own a very successful company in the IT industry) and as I was telling her about taking time off when the kids are off from school, she reminded me how remarkable that is – to own and run a successful solo business that enables me to take an incredible amount of time off.

That’s just one big benefit hosting my own small live event has given me… to be able to be with my kids when they’re off from school, whether it’s a long weekend like this one, or 13 weeks this coming summer.

And that is priceless to me.

If you want to know more, then be sure to join us on my free livecast coming up…

Behind-The-Scenes Strategies You Must Know
For Your Event To Be A True Success

Just visit this page to reserve your spot.

~ A

PS: I’d love it if you’d share this with your friends and colleagues… thanks so much!

Are you new to building your business online?

Hi there!

I had a email conversation with a potential high-level client several years ago that went something like this…

“Alicia, I have a successful life coaching practice – full client roster, mostly via referrals, steady 6 figures in income, and I want to bring my business online. I’m interested in your Platinum program – can we talk?”

I told her she should consider going through my 21 Easy & Essential Steps to Online Success System™ instead.

My response surprised her. So much so she graciously asked why it seemed she wasn’t qualified for my Platinum program…(because <insert name>, <insert name> and <insert name> had already told her she was for their programs.

I explained it wasn’t that she wasn’t qualified at all. It was that she was already successful offline and she didn’t NEED a $24k Platinum program to bring that success online.

She only needed to implement the 21 Steps (for $297-) to get the foundation of a successful online business in place, and THEN we could talk about Platinum.

Or I could personally lead her through the 21 Steps program for $24k and call it Platinum… 😉 Her choice… You can guess which she choose, thanking me for pointing her to just what she needed next (and saving her thousands of dollars too).

I’m so tired of hearing stories from you about spending thousands of dollars BEFORE you want or even need to, just to get those critical underpinnings in place.

So I want you to have the same choice I gave to her  – and for even less of an investment than that…

I’m offering you the 21 Easy & Essential Steps to Online Success System™ for just $97-.

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~ A

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Are you ready to decide?

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that I like to make decisions quickly
and take action right away. I know that I can tweak along the way if need be, but I won’t
get where I want to go if I don’t make a decision and MOVE. 😉

The same holds true for you in deciding whether or not to work with me on any level – privately,
in a group, or at my Online Business Breakthrough Workshop.

And as always, I want that decision to be the right one for you…

Because I know that’s the only way to have a mutually beneficially relationship that is not
only chockfull of value in terms of content, coaching and support – from getting you from where you
are to where you want to be – but we can have a whole lot more fun along the way as well.

(And I’m all about business being profitable AND fun. :-))

On that note, I’d like to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been receiving
about my upcoming Online Business Breakthrough Workshop: Your Blueprint to a
6-Figure Freedom-Based Business.

My hope is that doing so will enable you to make a decision whether or not one of the last
half-dozen seats is right for you.

And be sure to read through to the end – I have something by the way of over-delivering
to share with you as well. 😉

Q: Will you be offering a simulcast ticket option for OBBW?

A: No, OBBW 2012 will not be offered via simulcast. At the moment, OBBW is an intimate
workshop, with no more than 50 attendees. In order to engage fully with the participants in
the room, I have purposefully chosen NOT to simulcast the event.

If you want to learn from me on how to design, grow and manage a successful and sustainable
business, part-time, and that honors whatever it is that’s MOST important to you, then
join me LIVE here.

Q: I’m new in business. Am I going to be overwhelmed by OBBW?

A: Definitely not. Whether you’re a new business owner or have several years under your belt,
what I’ll be sharing with you during our 3 days together is applicable and immediately implementable
to ALL levels of business owners.

In fact, one of the unique ways I teach is in ‘layers’ – you’ll fully appreciate this at the workshop.

And it’s one of the beauties of hosting a boutique event like this – we’ll be tailoring all of the content
together for wherever you are on your business-building path (starting with a Discovery Questionaire
you receive upon registration where I ask all about you and your business, your goals and desires,
and what you want and need most from me at OBBW).

Q: I’d like to come, Alicia, but I don’t like traveling or attending events alone. Could I bring
someone with me?

A: Sure! All regular ticket holders may Bring-A-Friend (spouse, colleague, friend, client, family member,
team member, etc.) for a one-time non-refundable $97- fee.

What that also means is that if you have someone you’d like to split the ticket fee with,
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For example, if you purchase your seat for $497- (the current ticket price) and add on the
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Bottom line? At the early bird price of $497- (or even better, the split price of $297- if you split
it with someone), you have the unique opportunity to participate in one of the only small business
events that is 100% (and immediately actionable) content.

As I write this, we have 6 seats left for this year’s workshop. With my own bigger picture plan
mapped out, I can confidently say that it’s likely this is the last year I will be hosting this intimate
of an event for a full 3 days at this low of an investment.

So if you’ll feeling the pull or you’ve been on the fence, Alicia, I’m inviting you to make a decision – one
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And last but not least…

A little surprise…

(I haven’t even let those who’ve already registered yet know about this surprise bonus yet…)

Everyone who has a reserved seat for – and attends – OBBW 2012 (whether it’s a regular ticket
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I’m really looking forward to welcoming you to OBBW this September!

~ A

P.S. The workshop is less than two months away – and to be honest, it doesn’t matter to me whether
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*Each bonus ticket requires a single $97- non-refundable seat deposit.

Go back in time with me?

As I enjoyed celebrating our freedom here at the lake yesterday, surrounded by family and friends, laughing and reminiscing together, in my mind, I went back in time for a moment…

…to when Chloe was 4 months old, and we lived in New York, and we bought one of those small easy-set pools so I could ‘swim’ with her… and then when she was 6 months old and we spent a week at the lake at my parents’ cottage and I cried the moment I laid her on the little beach down the hill from the cottage, and how I smiled so much it hurt when she went into the water in her little float that first time, feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for being able to share this very special place with her.

As much as I had always wanted to spend my summers at the lake like I did from the time I was 3 months old until I was 22, I had to get a ‘real’ job after graduating from college instead of another summer job waitressing. Nothing was more motivating to me to figure out how to create a lucrative business of my own designed around the life that I wanted than that first brief visit here with my daughter.

And by the next summer, I had secured a waterfront cottage for us for 4 weeks, which James, Chloe and I enjoyed together, and Chloe and I spent another 3 weeks with my parents at their place with James joining us on the weekends. (Each year since, we’ve added a week or two (and our son Jack), and seven summers later are enjoying 11+weeks together as a family.)

That was also the first summer I embraced this concept, offered to me by my mentor, coach and friend, Andrea Lee…

To double your income, the first thing you must be willing to do, is do LESS THAN HALF of what you’re currently doing.

Gulp. At first, I thought, there’s no way I could possibly work less. I had an 18-month-old who took a few 30 minute naps a day at best, which is when I worked…

But I knew intuitively there was something to this and there was no better time for me to test it out than during the summer.

So I did – for 7 weeks I sent my ezine each week and that was pretty much it… and you know what happened?

I made more money during those 7 weeks than I had in the previous 6 months. Amazing.

Thus, that concept has become one of the principles I’ve built my business on since.

This one can be a bit hard to grasp – it was for me, since I grew up with a work ethic grounded in an Irish immigrant great-great-grandfather who landed on the docks in Boston and started the legacy of a long line of longshoremen on my father’s side, including my dad, the same day.

I’m inviting you now to consider it though… what can you do less of or not do anymore at all that will empower you to create more income?

I guarantee there is something that you could let go of today that will start you on the path of more income today.

This concept, and others like it that have made a huge difference in the success of my own business, are part of what I’ll be sharing with you in our intimate gathering at my Online Business Breakthrough Workshop 2012.

I’ll be sharing with you specifically how to cut your workload in half while doubling your income, so if this is calling to you – then go ahead and reserve one of the last few seats available here:


(If you have ANY questions about OBBW, just hit reply with them and we’ll get right back to you.)

Then watch for a message from me on Friday, as I’m going to offer you an opportunity to create or strengthen the foundation of your online business so you can create the same kind of FREEDOM I have in my business.

’til then…

~ A

4 Business Shifts for Success in Current Times



I have a successful business because I know what to do and I do it. I make a good income, I work with clients I enjoy, I get to be creative and I get to do all of that in a way that serves my family and my life.

So when I attended a small intensive led by Laura West, my intention was not to get more strategies or techniques, but to truly shift the way I envision my business as I reinvent it in these shifting current entrepreneurial waters. And that’s exactly what I got – here are just four of those shifts:

1. Money comes from working within your creative power centers

Laura’s created this powerful body of work around the ‘creative power centers’ that crystallized where I needed to spend my time and energy on to evolve my business in the way that honors my life and my own strong boundaries around that life.

For me that means really listening and following my intuition more, taking care of my personal energy more, hiring a higher level assistant, and adding a whole lot more ‘Alicia flavor’ to the mix.

2. Always come back to what I want

When the thoughts get muddled and the confusion sets in with all the choices of what to do in my business (and my life), I will keep coming back to this single question:

What do I want?

And I’ll keep asking it until what I want is crystal clear. Then I’ll know exactly what to do.

3. Systems and structure equals more freedom

I’m great with systems – we have one for pretty much everything in my business – but structure is lacking a bit, and that’s because I can operate well on the fly. However, just thinking about how a little bit more structure would benefit me and my team and how that would lead to more freedom for me got me excited about actually putting that structure in place right away.

4. My non-negotiables are my success

I’ve been looking more closely at this and with the focused time at the intensive, I realized that a big attraction piece for my audience are my non-negotiables (family first, summers off, etc.). From that place, I was able to draft the new design of my business and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come.

At my annual Online Business Breakthrough Workshop, we’ll focus specifically on creating your detailed plan that will show you exactly what to focus on during each step of your business building so you stay on track to move much more easily from where you are to where you want to be.

You can get your ticket right now for the lowest price available here.

I love to know how this resonates with you – share your thoughts with me below…

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