We’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to post, although I’ve thought of it a number of times.

I just released the second round of a program I introduced last year. It’s a kickstart to the new year program for your business, so if you want to find out more, visit http://www.clientabundance.com/ppp.htm

My Google campaign is going well – I have double the number of subscribers in two months than I had in almost two years before. I’m on a mission to hit 1000 by the end of the year, so if you want to help me out, visit http://www.clientabundance.com/fivefriends.htm. As a thank you, you’ll receive the free ebook Knock Knock: Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site that Works.

I have another program that’s about ready to roll, and this one I’m REALLY excited about because it seems to be what all of my subscribers are asking for, and I can’t wait to offer it to them. I’ll write more about it in another post soon.

So, busy – busy… and I’m just starting to think about our Christmas party – can you believe it?