Well, we are finally settled into our cottage at the lake and are very happy to be here… breathing that fresh NH air, feeling that warm sun… oh wait, there’s no sun – not yet anyway – we’ve had rain for the last few days, but it’s been fine really. We spent most of yesterday unpacking and putting in the sailboat (she’s docked right next to me :)), and early this morning, I stocked up on groceries while James is off getting odds and ends for the house and the boat this afternoon. Chloe’s sleeping peacefully and our local loon has already been by to say hello… so when the sun does make its appearance (supposedly tomorrow), we’ll be more than ready for it!

At the moment, the rain is holding off so I’m sitting on the dock, enjoying the view and doing some writing for myself and for a client. When Chloe wakes up, if it’s not raining, we’ll take a swim and play on our beach here until dinner… even on a cloudy day – it’s still wonderful to be here.

Hope you’re enjoying wherever you are at the moment, too 🙂

~ A