It’s 8am, 80 degress, and muggy yet again in my corner of the world. It’s been a great summer as far as the weather goes, but I am soooooo ready for cooler temperatures, apple picking, and sweaters!

Today is our little village’s annual Harvest Festival, so James, Chloe and I will be taking a stroll down to the village square this afternoon to enjoy it. Our neighbor runs the entire production, so we go each year to show our support for all her hard work, and because it’s actually very cute and fun. Kinda a Gilmore Girls-Stars Hollow event (the only show besides The Apprentice I watch with any regularity).Dublin2_1

Then tomorrow we’re going to the Irish Heritage Festival in the village next door, which I am really looking forward to. Chloe loves music and dancing, and I think she’s really going to enjoy the Irish music and maybe even watching the dancers. James and I celebrated one New Year’s in Ireland (here I am at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin), which was amazing, and we just can’t wait to take Chloe when she’s a wee bit older. 🙂