If you publish an ezine regularly, inevitably there are times when you get stuck and can’t quite come up with the perfect article for your issue. Sometimes just taking a break and coming back later will give you a fresh start. But other times you need more of a "writing prompt" to get you going.

The following 7 ways should help you get unstuck and get writing:

1. Write a Tip Sheet
Sometimes it’s easier to get started by creating a list of tips: How to _______; The 5 Ways to ____________; Top Ten Tips to _______________; Write a couple of sentences for each tip, and before you know it, you have a completed article full of practical information for your readers.

2. Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions
As your clients interact with you, you’ll likely get the same kinds of questions over and over. Take one or two of your most frequently asked questions and answer it in an article.

3. Use a Client’s Scenario
Protecting your client’s privacy (or not, if they give you permission), use their scenario as a case study. Explain the client’s situation and what recommendations you gave, as well as what the results were. This will help build your credibility in your prospect’s eyes as well, as this gives them the chance to see you "at work."

4. Comb Through Your Reading Box
Do you have a Reading Box (or tray, file, pile)? If you’re like me, I get a ton of info via email everyday that I really do want to read, so I have a box where I toss all the stuff I print into (actually, it’s now two boxes!). Go through your own pile, and see what ideas pop up for you from there. (I do this often when I’m trying to switch from mommy-mode to businesswoman-mode.)

5. Learn Something New and Pass It Along
Did you learn something new recently that you can share with others? Or is there something you want to learn more about? Go and do some preliminary research and share your findings with your readers.

6. Interview an Expert
I love this one, but don’t overdo it. Your readers want to hear from you, which is why they are reading YOUR ezine. But once in awhile, having an interview as an article, as long as it provides valuable content for your readers, can be a nice change and even fun.

Send your expert 3-5 questions to answer, and turn the interview into an article by adding an introductory and concluding paragragh. (I enjoy giving these kinds of interviews myself, so if you’d like to interview me for your ezine, shoot me an email at alicia@clientabundance.com and let me know.)

7. Get Back to Basics
Think back to when you were just starting out in your business. What were the things you found most challenging? Choose one or two and offer your advice on how to get beyond those stumbling blocks.
Any of these ideas should get you started, and then the words will start to flow. I know when I’m writing sometimes, I’m thinking "ugh – not in the writing groove today at all" but once I get going, I’m usually pretty happy with the end result (but I do LOVE to revise, and revise, and revise… :)).

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