As creative entrepreneurs, we often have more ideas than time to bring them into fruition. (And all ideas aren’t meant to be implemented either… ;-))

If you’re feeling like your business is overwhelmed with ideas, your message tries to encompass too much, or you have more offerings than you can effectively market, it’s time to let go, streamline, and blossom.

Here are 3 steps to help you do this:

Step 1: Let go

It’s ok to let some things go, whether it’s a product you love but simply doesn’t sell anymore (tip: turn it into a freebie), or clients who are no longer ideal, or ideas that you’ve been wanting to implement but simply haven’t happened – and it’s likely they never will.

Start letting go of these things because they are holding you back, from more sales, from more ideal clients, from better ideas that simply can’t get through to you because you don’t have the capacity at the moment to see them.

My clients who take the time to cull their content, their message, their clients, once a year always end up with far better results, easier flow, and more momentum then they’ve experienced to date.

Step 2: Streamline

After you’ve let go of what’s not working or holding your business back, take a look at what’s left. Assess its effectiveness, tune into your own enthusiasm, and be certain that everything in your repertoire should still have its place in your business today. Keep the things you’re really excited about and move the things that you’re still interested in to a secondary position in your business. Focus on the primaries first, and when you have time and/or team to help, focus on the secondaries.

Step 3. Blossom

It’s from this place that your business will grow and blossom. If you go through this process at least once a year (instead of continuing to just do what you’re doing because you’re not sure what else to do or you’re afraid to change things (!), you will reap the benefits of paying this kind of strategic attention to your business.

What can you let go of today? What can you streamline? Where can you see your business blossoming because of doing this?

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