I love attending live events, for the learning, networking and most of all, for those ‘aha moments’ that always pop. I choose to attend very few events each year, so I’m always very cognizant of getting a big return on my investment of time, energy and money. Attending Lisa Sasevich’s Impact & Influence event didn’t disappoint.

Here are three of those aha moments I had from attending I&I that I hope you’ll find of value too:

1. In terms of money, you can only receive what you allow yourself to receive.

So consider how that may play out in your own sense of worth, in both the level at which you invest in yourself as well as the level at which you ask others to invest in you.

For example, if you invest in a $2500- program, are you asking your market to invest in a $2500- program with you?

On the other, more common, hand, are you asking your market to invest in you at a price point that you’re not willing to invest in for yourself?

Where in your business might there be this incongruence?

2. When you feel like you need to add another element to a program (to ‘justify’ a higher price), add more transformation instead.

You may have heard me say before that people buy based on emotion, not necessarily on logic.

When you’re writing your copy for your offer or speaking about your offer, you want to spend 90% of your words on the transformation that people will get as a result of engaging your services.

You can think of it as the transformation, or the outcomes, or the benefits, that someone will receive as result of being in your program, buying your product or siging on to work with you one-on-one.

3. “I already know that…”

Whenever I attend an event, I make the effort to pay attention as if everything was new, which enables me to see the holes that are present in my business. And when I find that “I already know that…” I ask myself, “Am I doing that?”

From this event, it was evident to me that yes, I have all the pieces working that were covered at the event; now it’s time to up-the-ante on them all.

Where can you up-the-ante on one thing that’s already working well in your business?

I’d love your thoughts on any of the above – feel free to leave them below…