Chloe started her first year of primary at Montessori School this past week – and she loved it. She’s starting a bit early, but James and I felt it would be a disservice to her to wait another year – and her teachers agreed. She is truly going to thrive in the Montessori environment – it’s not for every kid, but it’s definitely the best one for her.

That first morning was hard for me – in a good way. I’m just so proud of her, at how happily independent she is at just 2.7, how she gave both James and I a big hug and kiss and took off into her classroom without a look back. That’s my girl… (and yes, I gave in to a few tears once we got back to the car… )

Here we are that first morning:

Firstdayofpreschool2 Firstdayofpreschool Firstdayofpreschoolwithdaddy Firstdayofpreschoolwithmommy