Well, we finally bit the bullet this year and held our first annual holiday party. We’ve been wanting to have a party since we moved in because it is such a great house for entertaining, but we were holding off until the house was "done" (we did A LOT of work on it over the past 4 years). But we were tired of waiting – and is a house ever really "done" anyway? 🙂

We invited about 40 people – friends, neighbors, and work colleagues, and almost everyone came, which was wonderful. It was a great mix of people and everyone raved about the house and what a great party it was, so that made James and I feel so good about all the work we’ve done on our home and for the party.

Chloe was so good the entire time, making the rounds from guest to guest. We were a little concerned how she’d be with so many people in the house, and kids running around everywhere, but she just seemed to soak it all in, and she had a great time, smiling at everyone.

Here are a few photos:Chloeandmommyxmas   Xmasparty

Chloe3Xmasparty3Chloeandmoomyxmas2Jamesandkip2James’ boss is leaving next month so he and his colleagues had a few going away gifts for him, which James presented to him during the party.