Pumpkin Picking…

One of our first outings as a family of four was spending a glorious fall morning at one of our local farms, going on a hayride, visiting a petting zoo, picking pumpkins, and finding our way through a hay and corn maze… Chloe looks cute as always – not sure Jack will be too excited with the pumpkin hat when he’s older, though! 😉

Incornmaze4 Incornmaze Inpumpkinpatch Littlepumpkin2 Pettingzoo Littlepumpkin Blueeyesandsky Incornmaze2

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  1. I love these photos! Your little pumpkins look so sweet! This is my favorite time of year. I always say red is my favorite color, but I think oranage is closing in on the top spot. Thanks for posting these!
    Felicia Slattery


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