Money Magic: Simple Shifts to Open Your Coaching Cash Flow

When I ask you this question:

When it comes to designing a business that funds the lifestyle you want, where do you feel you need the most help?

…the answer you choose the most is this:

I need more money. I’m working way too hard for too little return.

You too?

I’m delighted to share my article that was published in choice, the magazine of professional coaching 

Click here to read it…

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  1. Ah! Number 2! I need to do that one. Maybe that’s why I’ve not grown in the direction I’ve wanted. I need to add a solid purpose for that particular revenue stream that I’m working to grow.

    You’ll be proud to know that I have worked more on my “Big Money Why” (BMW) and it continues to get more and more clear!

    Thanks for the reminder! Just what I needed today!


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