The Urge to Purge has been super strong for me lately, and while James has been away on business, I’ve been cleaning stuff out left, right and center! And it feels good. I usually do my office every month or so, simply because the piles make me nuts, and completely unable to focus. Now if I would just stop creating them! 🙂

I did most of my office, the kitchen cabinets (that was a big one), and I’m a quarter of the way through my clothes, about which I’m being brutal. I have business suits that I haven’t worn in almost five years still hanging in my closet. Granted, some of them are timeless and classic (love Jones NY for that), but there are definitely some that could use a new home. And if I get them donated before the end of the year, it’s a tax break, too.

James is coming home tonight and we so glad – we’ve missed him – and I’ve got a list of things for him to do, too! 🙂