We’ve been out and about the last few days while the kids are on spring break this week, but today we’re hanging out at home…

At the moment, James is working on his presentation for a 1-Day University gig he has coming up, Chloe’s working on her Humanities homework, and Jack is reading (he’s very into the Wings of Fire books these days).


I’ve been running my financials so I can have a crystal clear picture of where I am and where I’ve been so I can accurately chart the course for going forward.

You may do this in December or January, but since my business year is September to June each year, it’s around this time of year where I start looking ahead and adjusting my sails…

One of the questions I’ve asked myself is what offers were financially successful – AND felt good delivering – during this business year?

I ranked them in profitability first (the facts) and then looked at them from the level of enjoyment I had in that offer (the feelings).

Because both have to be in alignment in order to create a successful business that continues to feel good as it grows.

I invite you to do the same. Look over the past year’s offers, what the gross income was for each, and rank them in order of highest to lowest profit. Then check in on each with your feelings, and write down any insights you have.

I learned two important things doing this exercise:

1. My 2nd highest income stream was a program that has lower enrollment than I would like, but it’s one I enjoy offering the most.

2. My 3rd highest income stream was an offer that was very targeted both in audience and in content.

So for #1, I will consider how I can re-work this offer to be more appealing to the right clients to increase enrollment.

And for #2, I’ll use this information as I consider offering a similar program in the future.

This kind of simple (yet smart) taking stock is super-useful as you grow your business, and is one of the things I’ll be talking about on my upcoming free MasterClass:

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Now I’m going to see how Chloe’s research on cats in Ancient Egypt is going…