While I had many shifts, fresh ideas, and validations that I’m on the right track while attending Andrea Lee’s Wealthy Thought Leader event, I wanted to share with you three of the a-ha’s I had during the event’s three days.

1. It’s time to strengthen the underpinnings of my business…

Not one, but two, of the sessions at WTL reminded me that I need to go back to the beginning and strengthen the underpinnings of my business. Hey, we all get complacent with some of the mundane tasks in our business, even when we have a team to implement them, but one of these in particular really made me smack my forehead.

2. Video isn’t all that and a bag of chips…

Tipping my hat to Michele PW for that chuckle… but it validated that while only 50% of your market will actually watch your videos, the fact that I’m offering multiple ways to consume my content is spot-on.

3. Following my intuition will never lead me astray

During a recent program launch, I struggled with the logical sense of ‘repeating what’s worked’ and the intuitive sense that it was time to do something radical. I decided to listen to my intuition and it paid off in spades.

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I love to know how these aha’s resonate – share with me your thoughts with below…