One of the most important assets in your business is your email list, so I want to give you 3 simple steps to grow your email list.

Growing my email list was what changed everything in my business, moving it from a very slow 1:1 sales cycle to a much more lucrative 1:many sales cycle instead.

But how do you grow your list, consistently and easily?

By paying attention to it.

Because, just like money, your list likes to be paid attention to. And if you don’t pay attention to your list, it will demand your attention one way or another.

If you pay attention to it, it will reward you with more income, more joint venture opportunities, better relationships with your audience, and a lot more.

But if you don’t pay attention to it… well, none of those things can happen.

Luckily, paying attention to your list is easy. 🙂

It’s just three simple steps: Create, Schedule, Automate

Step 1: Create your promotions channel list

Once you’ve created your fresh and compelling free content opt-in, the next step is to create a list of places you can promote it.

Depending on what channels you’re using to grow your audience, this may include using social media, pay-per-click ads, sharing with memberships or organizations you’re a part of, or other avenues through which you can reach your market.

Because my business in 95% online, the main channel I use to promote my freebie is social media, and mostly on Facebook.

Your first step is to make a list of the various channels you can use to promote your free content opt-in.

2. Schedule your promotions

Your second step is to create a promotion schedule for your free content opt-in. Decide where and how often you’ll promote your freebie through each of your channels.

Because I mainly grow my email list via social media, my schedule may look like this:

– 2 Facebook Page posts per week
– 2 Free Facebook Group posts per week (my group)
– 2 LinkedIn posts per week
– 2 Instagram posts per week

Remember that not everyone who follows your social media accounts will see all your posts, so don’t worry about posting too often or posting the same content across all your platforms.

Ok, your turn –> Create your own promotion schedule for your freebie, using the list of channels you wrote in step 1.

3. Automate the promotion of your free content opt-in

While you can promote your freebie manually, as soon as you can, either hire someone to do this task for you, or use the native scheduler for each platform, or consider investing in a third-party scheduling service, like Hootsuite.

Now that you know where and when to promote your free content opt-in, your next step is to pay attention to it even more by nurturing the list you’re growing. (Go here for more on how to do that.)

Questions? Ask them here

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