Do you know that there are at least 3 easy ways to use webinars in your online business to make more sales?

Way before webinars or masterclasses became a popular way to convert more prospects into buyers online, I was leading them as teleseminars.

Same concept, same framework, different delivery, that’s all. 😉

Over the last several years, the teleseminar morphed with technology into webinars (or masterclasses) delivered via video, either live or recorded, instead of over the telephone via a conference line.

But it’s still a simple sales device that is highly effective. It’s why they’re used so often.

And there are ways to deliver them to make more sales for you too!

Here are three of my top tips for use webinars in your business to make more sales:

Tell more than teach

One marketing school of thought tells us that when we’re doing any kind of sales presentation, we should only share the ‘what and the why, but not the how’.

And that works, for sure. But for most of us, it’s hard not to teach, or education, or share a solution, even on a free sales talk, like a webinar.

My school of thought has always been to ‘share the what and the why and a little bit of the how’ so that your audience knows that you know what you’re talking about.

Let me break it down for you a little further.

– Share with your audience WHAT the problem is that you’re addressing as the topic of your webinar
– Explain WHY it’s critical to solve that problem
– Give them one or two things they can do to move towards handling the problem

In order to get your entire solution, they need to invest in the paid program or product. But you can at least show them on your free talk that you know what you’re doing, and you’re going that little bit further in deepening the know, like and trust factor with them too.

Build up the front and build out the back

One of the biggest mistakes I see online entrepreneurs make is not consciously focusing on connecting with their audience before their webinar.

They put up a registration page, send a few emails and social media posts and hope that people sign up and show up.

But it doesn’t work that way (and this was something I had to work on myself – because it USED to work that way quite well!).

You need to connect and give value to your audience well before you invite them to your webinar. Share free content with them, ask for engagement, connect with them, and then invite them to join you.

But don’t stop there!

Once they’ve registered, be sure to continue to connect with them to build anticipation and excitement about your webinar all the way up to the date of your presentation.

The other mistake I often see is once the webinar is over, there’s very little follow-up. There may be one or two emails that go out with the replay and the invitation, but there should be at least 4-6 follow-ups to make more sales from your webinar.

And that leads me to the third tip…

No is often not now

Once a webinar is over and the cart is closed for the offer, we often just forget about the people who said no.

But I want you to remember that often a No is just a Not Now.

So don’t forget to re-invite the people who registered but who didn’t say yes right away into the offer in the future, if it makes sense. Or consider making a downsell offer to them instead.

Which one of these three easy ways will you start using to make more sales from your webinars?

I’d love to know – share with me here