Please READ Carefully. By purchasing this product you (herein referred to as “Client”) agrees to the follow terms stated herein:


The fee for Launch Logistics Intensive are the following two options: 1 payment of $497 USD (due at time of purchase) or 3 monthly payments of $182.33 USD. If you select the 3 monthly payments, you will pay $182.33 today, and $182.33 each month for an additional 2 months from the date of purchase, for a total payment of $546.99. If you choose to pick this option, you are responsible for all 3 payments. If you elect to pay for Launch Logistics Intensive in full, you can pay in one payment of $497.


If Client elects to pay by monthly installments, Client authorizes the Company to charge Client’s credit card or debit card. If Client elects to pay in FULL, Client may pay by credit card or debit card.


If you’re not satisfied, just notify us at support@aliciaforest.com before the start of the 2nd class if you do not wish to continue and your investment will be refunded in full.

No refunds will be provided after the start of the 2nd class. After the start of the 2nd class, all payments are non-refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program.

Please note: If you opted for a payment plan and you do not request a refund before the start of the 2nd class, you are required by law to complete the remaining payments of your payment plan.

All refunds are discretionary as determined by Alicia Forest International. To further clarify, we will not provide refunds after the start of the 2nd class from your date of purchase and all payments must be made on a timely basis. If payments are not made on time, you agree to pay interest on all past-due sums at a rate of 1.5% per month or the highest rate allowed by law, whichever is greater.

If you have any questions or problems, please let us know by contacting our support team directly. The support desk can be reached at: support@aliciaforest.com