When we’re considering making an investment in our online business, sometimes we have to “try it on” first.

I was shopping with my daughter recently and she saw a piece of clothing that could be worn as either a skirt or a dress. She really liked it so I suggested she try it on.

Once she tried it on, though, she said she liked it, “…but not enough to get it.”

The same is true as we build our business. There are so many options and opportunities to grow our business that sometimes it overwhelms and immobilizes us from making a choice or moving forward.

So sometimes we just need to make a choice and ‘try it on’ – and only then can we truly decide if it’s right for us.

I’ve been lucky in the sense that, in 20 years of investing in different programs and coaches/mentors, I’ve only once felt that the program I invested in wasn’t right for me. And I think part of making the right investment in my online business all the other times came down to knowing what I really wanted and needed at that time.

Here is the first question I ask myself:

Is this program/product/service what I need to learn/know/do next to move my business forward?

And I don’t let myself off the hook with an easy “yes!”.

I look at my plan, what I’m focused on right now, and if it’s really truly the very next thing I need to move the needle.

I actually started doing this process of decision-making when we were buying our current home in 2014. We were trying to keep as much cash in the bank as possible for our deposit (and I try to run my business as cash-only as much as possible), so this was the yardstick I used to make investing decisions – and it has served me well ever since.

So what is just the next thing you need to know, learn or do to move your business forward?

Is there a program/product/service that you could try on to see if it’s right, and if it’s right, right now?

I’d love to know… tell me here


make an investment in your online business