I wanted to talk to you today about being purposeful in your business, and in particular in being purposeful today with what’s going on in our current reality.

A lot of times when I talk about being purposeful in your business, I’m talking more in terms of understanding that at some point, usually after you get through that first initial startup phase, it’s really important for your business and all of your income streams to have a purpose beyond making money.

If you want your business to be sustainable for the long term, there has to be something more significant behind it, and I talk about that in a lot of different ways.

We talk about what your big money why is, we talk about each income stream having a specific purpose. But for right now, I really wanted you to think about the way your business is structured right now, What your current income streams are, and to think about the one that’s working the best for you right now.

And maybe one that’s different than in the past of what’s worked best for you just because things are shifting so much. But really think about which of your current income streams is working the best for you right now?

– How can you be more purposeful with it?
– How can you be more purposeful with it in terms of reaching your audience about it?
– How can you make your messaging be more concise, and be more specific to them, and to what’s happening and what’s going on in their heads in their hearts right now?
– How can be more purposeful with your messaging?
– How can be more purposeful with your market and how you’re reaching your market? How can you be more purposeful with each of your offers?

Think about that income stream, in particular, the one that’s working for you. How can you amplify that right now and make it so it really fits in to what’s going on in our world and how you can be more purposeful and more of service to the people that you’re trying to reach and help solve their problems?

I really want you to think about this. This is something we talk about all the time with private clients and in my Lively Biz Business Club. But it’s really important to take that step when you are in the beginning stages of building your business.

And I know some of you are just starting right now because it really is a great time to start your online business or bring your side hustle into more fruition online or to extend your offline business into online. It really is a great opportunity to do that today.

But to think about, once you’re through that startup phase, because when we’re in startup, we’re figuring things out, right? We’re bootstrapping, and really our priority, our purpose is to make money, it’s to bring cash in the door, it’s to be profitable. But at some point there is a shift where you can start being more strategic. And you start thinking about how can you be more purposeful both in terms of how your business operates, And how can you be more purposeful when it comes to reaching your market and your messaging.

I talk a lot more about this in a free playbook that I’ll add a link here too, that you can get today, that goes into it a little bit more about having meaning behind the work that you do, and particularly about having a purpose for each of your income streams, and how you can leverage being purposeful in your business too.