Ever sit down to write a blog post or an email to your list and be at a loss as to what to say? It happens to the best of us, so I thought I’d share some of the ways that I get unstuck when that happens to me.

7 Quick Ways to Content


1. Offer Your Client Success Stories
You’ll see me implement this idea fairly often, where I’ll share a common struggle among my private clients and offer some solutions. You can take this a level deeper and offer a ‘case study’ of a specific client who had a specific challenge that you helped solve and turn that into your content to share with your readers.


2. Pick 3 of Your Most FAQs
Something I also encourage my clients to do is continually ask their market what it wants help with. As you do this you’ll see a common thread of frequently asked questions from your readers. Highlight three or so of those in your post with your solutions.


3. Share Your Cutting Edge Knowledge
When you learn something new that will help your clients, share that information with your readers as well. Not only will this help you be viewed as an expert, your readers will be grateful for not having to do this work themselves.


4. Offer Your Top 5
Writing a quick ‘5 Top Tips’ is an easy way to get an article written fast. Pick a topic, then five points about the topic you want to make, and write 2-3 sentence for each point. With a brief intro and closing paragraph, you’re done.


5. Interview Well-Known Colleagues
Send an email request to a handful of well-known colleagues in your field whose work complements yours asking to interview them for your readers. Ask them five questions via email and then post the interview. They get free exposure and you get valuable content to share with your readers.


6. Do an Ask (Insert Your Name Here) Column
Periodically ask you readers to send you questions that you can answer for them in future issues. When you find yourself stuck for content ideas, pull these out and answer one or two. These are great idea sparkers and even better, you are giving information your readers specifically asked for.


7. Run a Reprint
Use this strategy when you’re pressed for time or when you’re going on vacation. There’s nothing wrong with reprinting a favorite piece of content. Your current readers will appreciate the refresher and your content will be new to your newer subscribers.


Print this list out and keep it nearby so the next time you sit down to write you’ll have 7 quick ways to come up with valuable content for your readers.


I’d love to hear how you come up with content for your readers too! Please comment below – and also feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues via the buttons below too – thanks!