How to Increase Your Sales BEFORE You Launch Your Offer


Would you like to increase your sales BEFORE you launch your product, program or service? The following are some of the most effective ways to do just that:

1. Use Social Proof

What is “social proof”? Simply put, we are all conditioned to watch what others are doing and follow along (think teenagers). Using social proof in your marketing helps you to influence your customers to purchase your products/services, get new prospects to sign-up for your list, and get people talking about you and your offering – and that’s just the start.

So, how do you use this psychological trigger in your marketing?

One way is to use results-based testimonials. Ask your current customers or clients to give you results-based testimonials. They literally say, “I used this product and these are the results I got.” Having celebrities give these to you is great, but make sure you have testimonials from REAL people. Those are the ones that are really going to cement the idea in your potential buyer’s mind that they can do it, too.

2. Answer your prospects #1 objection

To take “social proof” to a deeper lever, anyone who is buying anything almost always has this #1 objection: “Sure, you can do it, but can I do it?”

In addition to using yourself as an example (if appropriate) as evidence that what you are offering does what you say it will, it’s also important to make sure you get “social proof” from people in your client/customer’s peer group. Then your potential buyer sees people like themselves and understands that “Hey, it worked for them, it can work for me, too.”

3. Use a time limit

Creating a sense of urgency around your offer will make it that much more enticing to potential buyers. For example, offer an early bird rate for one week only. Just knowing that you have one week to buy at a lower price creates that sense of urgency.

4. Use a limited quantity

If you are selling a physical product and you are only having 100 produced, then use that information to create the same sense of urgency you would with a time limit. Use a countdown on your website to further create the feeling that if your potential buyers don’t buy now, they may miss out.

5. Use a time or quantity limit on bonuses

Additionally, you could offer bonuses for a certain length of time (first week only) or for a certain number of products sold. For example, the first 30 buyers would get an additional special report (valued at $XX).

The last three strategies also help your buyers feel like they are part of your “club” when they join by purchasing your product or service.

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  1. I love #2, “Sure, you can do it, but can I do it?” This is definitely something I always consider. I think because I realize that when something fails, we think about why it failed. But when something works, we don’t often ask why it worked. When someone tries to sell me something to improve my business, I start to ask why it worked for them and is my business similar enough that it would work for me. Since I’ve been around sales people, I start to ask them who their target customer is and then determine if I fit into their profile. The unfortunate truth is that there are good sales people and bad ones, the bad ones just want to make the sale and so this objection is likely to pop up because of experience with the bad ones.


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